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And Then We Were Asked to Leave Alsbeth…

You may have read that there is a server merge coming at Rift next week.

And our server, Alsbeth, the instance group server, is on the list for PvE shards.

Transferring Shard: –> Receiving Shard:

  • Belmont –> Millrush
  • Galena –> Millrush
  • Atrophinius –> Greenscale
  • Crucia –> Greenscale
  • Alsbeth –> Shatterbone


  • Estrael –> Faeblight
  • Shadefallen –> Faeblight


  • Sunrest(PVP-RP) –> Deepstrike
  • Freeholme –> Deepstrike
  • Dayblind –> Deepstrike
  • Faemist –> Briarcliff

Not surprisingly, Trion isn’t calling it a server merge.  They have said that they are flagging more trial servers.  That is what they tell you in game.

They don’t tell you what a trial shard is, only that for the “best Rift experience” (and unless somebody can prove that Rift is an acronym, I am not putting it in all caps) you should get the hell off the server on which you currently play.

So it looks like The Batsmen of the Calamari will have to pick a new home.

On the plus side, it looks like you can move a whole guild intact to a new server.  I think the guild master has to do that, and Potshot holds the reigns of power.  The server transfer interface looks simple enough.

Server Transfers

And while they say we should go from Alsbeth to Shatterbone, it is not clear to me if this is our only choice… or if that is the only choice we get for free.   Shatterbone isn’t even one of the recommended choices on the server list.  Score one for inconsistency!

I am sure we will find some way to mess this up.  It is part of the guild tradition.

So that will be the first task on this weekend’s instance group agenda, move to a new server.  We will see if that leaves us enough time to do anything else.