The EverQuest Free to Play Subscription Matrix

Just to save this for future reference, this is the EverQuest free to play subscription chart.

As with EverQuest II there are three levels, free, silver, and gold, with restrictions that sound largely the same.  There is a limit on which races or classes you can access without paying.

There is one interesting twist in regards to silver memberships:

Previous EverQuest subscribers who did not have an active subscription at the time of the free-to-play conversion will automatically be converted to the Silver membership.

So past players get in at silver without the $5.00 fee.

And the chart, with the fine print listed below (or here on the EQ site):

January 2012 Edition

* Any player with a recurring membership will receive 500 Station Cash per month as long as they stay on an auto-renew payment plan. If you have a recurring membership but you cancel or purchase a non-recurring membership, you will no longer be on an auto-renew payment plan and you will immediately stop receiving the monthly Station Cash bonus even if you have time left on your existing membership.

If you are on a recurring subscription at the time of transition to Free to Play, you will receive 500 Station Cash on the date of the transition and for each subsequent month of your recurring membership (as long as you stay on an auto-renew payment plan). You will not receive any Station Cash for prior months. You will get one monthly 500 Station Cash bonus for each paid recurring subscription you maintain. If you have an All Access Pass you will get one 500 Station Cash bonus per month regardless of how many games you play.

SOE reserves the right to end or amend the terms of this promotion at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. If SOE ends this promotion you will continue to receive the monthly Station Cash bonus until your recurring membership expires or is cancelled or your auto-renew payment plan ends.

  1. EverQuest requires an internet connection (which you are responsible for) in order to play. The FREE access requires payment if you wish to upgrade your membership or make purchases in the in-game Marketplace. The Silver Membership can be purchased via a onetime Station Cash transaction (Silver Pack Item) available for $5.00 USD or 500SC in-game. Gold membership is available for $14.99 USD per month.
  2. All membership levels are granted full access to game world through the EverQuest House of Thule expansion. The Veil of Alaris™ expansion must be purchased separately.
  3. The four free races included with FREE and Silver Memberships are: Human, Erudite, Barbarian and Gnome.
  4. The four free classes included with FREE and Silver Memberships are: Warrior, Cleric, Wizard, and Rogue.
  5. Levels are limited by the expansions owned. The House of Thule expansion will allow for a maximum level of 90. Level 91 to 95 requires the purchase of the Veil of Alaris expansion.
  6. Subject to content unlock.
  7. FREE and Silver Membership accounts will receive customer service to resolve real money transaction-based issues only. Support for other gameplay and performance issues is available at the online knowledge base.

5 thoughts on “The EverQuest Free to Play Subscription Matrix

  1. bhagpuss

    One significant thing about this for me is that I get the Underfoot and House of Thule expansions, which I didn’t buy, for free. And House of Thule is the one with Housing!


  2. Joe Birdwell

    The fact that we’ve paid for the expansions to unlock specific classes makes me kind of sad even at the free silver level. Have they given any word as to what the fate of our previous chars will be if they are not one of the 4 classes? Will we just be locked out or are they in danger of being erased?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    In EverQuest II they grandfathered all characters made before the F2P announcement so you wouldn’t have to spend Station Cash the second you tried to log in. But it took EQ2 team a few days to decide that this was the right course. I wonder if the EQ team will come to the same conclusion?


  4. TheRemedy

    I still have problems with the way SOE does f2p. The subscription users should get some advantages to non-subscription, but not be just flat out better. Turbine does a heck of a lot better job in creating differences between sub and non-sub users.


  5. Keltana

    @Joe birdwell… No, your exsting characters will not be lost if you “downgrade” to silver membership (i.e. if you stop subscribing). My second account recently lapsed to silver and I was still able to use my Mage and Enchanter characters on it so don’t worry that your characters will be deleted. I am yet to discover f a single month subscription wll result in my F2P account going back to free status or whether it will remain silver.. and also, whether the 4 non-free classes I have created on there will still be available. will let you know around the 21st Feb


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