Spoils from the War in the North

With the war in the north having concluded, letting everybody get back to the usual routine of kicking the other guy in the nuts when they are looking the other way, there was some time to hand out rewards.

Certainly Razor Alliance was a major beneficiary in the conflict.  But my own alliance, TNT, was not forgotten either. We were rewarded for our participation in the war with some new null sec systems to have and to hold.  We went from 10 to 15 systems along with another station.

A 50% increase

This will give the alliance more systems to exploit for fun and profit.  I am not sure if I will get much of a chance to visit them.  I tend to stick to a couple of systems to start with, and the new systems are in another region, Pure Blind.

TNT systems

TNT null sec sov

The systems are not that far away, and I am going to guess we have, or will have, a jump bridge set up between the two locations to keep us from having to go around through Deklein or down through NC territory.  I am just one of those people who settle down and accumulate crap in their home station.  It makes it tough to move, and all the more so in null sec where there might be a camp at any gate.

But now rather than just being one little purple spot on the daily sovereignty maps, TNT is now two little purple spots on the daily sovereignty maps.  Go us.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t cake and ice cream for everybody in the CFC.  The alliance Black-Mark was giving its papers and told to leave.  That pretty much put an end to them as an alliance as its sovereignty went away and most of its member corporations moved into other alliances.

Clearly they were not quite as cohesive as our foe  Raiden, who also ended the war seriously set back on the sovereignty front yet still has a significant membership.  Though they did manage to hold onto a system in n0.0 space.

And the removal of Black-Mark from the CFC left a big hole in space, which was filled in by Goonswarm and Executive Outcomes.

What was Black-Mark territory

And so the cookie crumbles in null sec.

None of this is recent or vital news. Certainly not something that belongs up on EVE News 24.  It is just an update on things to remind me what was going on in my little corner of null sec.

8 thoughts on “Spoils from the War in the North

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Werit – It depends on how you look at things. My own net ISK went down ruing the war. Not by a lot, but some. That was mostly related to ammo and shipping costs. So I made no money on the war and will get no cut of profits from any new moon mining ops or the like.

    But I fought the war in ships sold via alliance contracts at a pretty much “at cost” price, and all of my ship losses were covered by reimbursements. So I was a recipient of alliance largess in that sense. The main impact the war had on my finances is that I was in fleets rather than ratting or mining. But fleets are more fun. Even fleets that don’t get a fight.

    And there are lots of bills to pay in null sec. There is a whole list of things the alliance has to cover, from basic sovereignty to system upgrades. All of that costs ISK. And I benefit from all of that.

    So none of this means ISK directly in my pocket. But it still has value to me.


  2. Werit

    @Wilhelm Interesting. Does this new territory open up any opportunities for you? Do the ship sales continue even without the war?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Werit – Subsidized ship contracts are still available. During peace time (a relative term that) ship loss subsidies are reduced. If the system I currently hang out in was over-crowded… and it can be at times… these new systems would give me other opportunities. But they are also up against Northern Coalition and thus will probably tend to see more frequent incursions by hostile fleets roaming for kills. That could be a good thing too. We shall see.

    But with Diablo III on the front burner this week, I haven’t been in New Eden all that much. I hear it is like the Skyrim launch… tough to get a good size fleet together.


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