Some Dragons of Norrath Features Unlocked on Fippy Darkpaw Without a Vote

One of my worries about trying to report on expansions unlocking on the Fippy Darkpaw time locked progression server while not subscribed and actively playing is that at some point an unlock will go off without a hitch, thus keeping the forums from lighting up with complaints.

Those complaints are the trip-wire that alerts me to unlocks, because I certainly cannot count on the Fippy Darkpaw timeline they have on the EverQuest site.  That has been broken since March, when the game went free to play.

So it is a good thing that SOE seems to have my back on this!

Today is about the right time frame for the Dragons of Norrath expansion to unlock.  The past estimate was November 19th, next Monday, but that is only a week off.

Firiona Vie gets a solo cover

And so this morning there is a post in the forums reporting that features from the Dragons of Norrath expansion (of which Giant Bomb has a great summary) such as Guild Halls and faction NPCs and bandoliers and such are now available on the Fippy Darkpaw server. (But not on Vulak.)

However, none of the actual content, the zones that make up the bulk of the expansion, appear to be available. [Update: The zones appear to be in and live, but are blocked off.]

Oh, and the vote for the Dragons of Norrath has not come up yet.

Details, details.

There was a rogue poll that showed up just after Omens of War was unlocked, so maybe that masked the need for an unlock vote?  Or maybe the unlock vote was supposed to go up today?  Or maybe whatever changes SOE is putting in for the Rain of Fear expansion that is supposed to go live this month broke something?

Or maybe it is just another day on the Fippy Darkpaw server.

2 thoughts on “Some Dragons of Norrath Features Unlocked on Fippy Darkpaw Without a Vote

  1. bhagpuss

    DoN came out while I was on my first run through EQ2, which ended (iirc) in late Spring 2005 when the last person Mrs Bhagpuss and I knew still playing finally threw in the towel and left. We went back to EQ1 where we had another extended and highly enjoyable few months.

    We bought DoN then but we didn’t really make much use of it other than the Guild Lobby. Looking at the DoN zone list, over the years I think we probably saw some of most of them eventually but I can’t say it’s an expansion I remember with a great deal of affection.

    The following one, Depths of Darkhollow, came out the following September while we were still playing EQ and we liked it a lot better in general. Unfortunately it included the appallingly badly-tuned Monster Missions which ended up being all anyone would do until SoE nerfed them and which were what drove us back to EQ2 so we could actually play our own characters rather than “monsters”.


  2. Jenks

    So they’re crossing the line from expansions I didn’t like (6-8) to the ones I’ve never played (9+). Thankfully there’s one non-progression server stuck in PoP for me to play on.


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