Meanwhile, Back in Azeroth

I haven’t written much of late about actually play World of Warcraft.  That hasn’t been due to a lack of play time really.  It is more a lack of doing anything worth writing about, a problem of sorts that I lay directly on the cumulative doorsteps of the five garrisons I have running right now.

The Draenor Contestants

My five garrison characters, pre-Draenor

Seriously, when I log in and go through each character, collecting all their work orders, checking all their buildings, doing all the harvesting, upgrading follower equipment and then sending them out on new missions, and then finally go through the various daily pet battles to continue work on my pet army, I am about done with time on an average weeknight.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  At least Blizzard has given me a reason to log in every day to check on things, but sometimes days go by before I do anything besides garrison maintenance.

But occasionally I do get out and do things.

I did, for example, run Alioto through the gnomish section of Spires of Arak in order to finally pick up the level 1 plans for the Salvage yard.  I am what, four months late in doing that?  And then when I found out you get a follower as well when you finish that chain I started pushing the rest of the Draenor crew through it.  I think only Trianis is left.

The instance group has not been completely idle either.  I see Earl, Skronk, and Ula on regularly, no doubt tending to their own garrisons and working on alts as well.

We also went out and did the Iron Docks as a group… like five times already.

Flushing out all the NPCs in the Iron Docks

Flushing out all the NPCs in the Iron Docks

It is kind of a neat instance.  There are several interesting mechanics that you have to learn as you move through the whole thing, so there was some trial and error, which is always good.  There is at least some satisfaction in figuring things out.

But once we figured things out the whole thing was pretty easy in normal mode.  Easy enough that the first two times we ran the instance Ula was not feeling well so we ran it as a foursome.

And, as an at-level four person party, we beat it on our first run through.  Granted, we died a lot as we learned the mechanics, but once we figured things out the fights were not all that tough.  So after our first run through as a team of four, we did it again.

Then the next time we were one, we ran it three more times with Ula in tow.  We did it that many times because, by that point, the run was pretty quick and because she was level 93 still and Blizzard decreed way back in Pandaria that you cannot even walk into a dungeon, much less enter it through the Dungeon Finder, unless you meet the minimum level requirements.  Heaven help the nanny state.

So our last couple of runs through we tried to maximize experience by killing every mob we would find.  We even tried to take on that big open area that you roll the giant iron wheels through to clear.  We did well on the periphery, but the big mass in the center overwhelmed us, so we rolled one wheel through to thin that out and then cleared the rest.

Of course, part of the problem is that Tistann and Earl are both over-equipped.

Tistann with the big gun and the big pet

Tistann with the big gun and the big pet

Tistann has the full upgraded purple engineer’s gun and a couple of the item level 630 crafted pieces, while Earl has a Garrosh heirloom weapon and level 630 pieces of his own.  So we have way more DPS than anybody would ever need to take on instances at level 94.  That advantage will get pared back as we level up, but right now we are OP.

If we were a more active group, I might even suggest we all just drive for the level cap and work on the heroic versions of all of these instances.  I am just not sure we are that active.

Still, we have conquered the normal mode version of the Iron Docks.

The instance group in the Iron Docks

The instance group in the Iron Docks

And then there was the whole 6.1 patch thing, which I have not yet begun to explore in any depth.  Garrisons keeping me busy and all that.

I was happy with how the heirloom changes turned out.  While Blizz warned us that we might need to log on and dig through every character’s bank in order to get all of the heirlooms we socked away over the years to show up in the new heirloom tab, mine seemed to all get picked up automatically.  I still logged everybody in all the same… that was kind of interesting to go visit some old characters… but it wasn’t really necessary.

All told I had 19 heirlooms, which was enough for three achievements.

HeirloomAchiI then turned around and went to the guild vendor in Stormwind and the heirloom vendor in Ironforge and filled out some missing slots by buying a pile of the now readily available for gold level 1-60 heirlooms.

I then used Darkmoon Faire tickets and ancestral coins from the Lunar Festival to upgrade some key heirlooms that I just bought, and which I thought might be useful in the near future, to the level 1-90 versions so I can drive some alts straight to Draenor when the time is ripe.

Blizzard figured out a way to get me to participate in holiday events again.

I mentioned my 2006 vintage Orc Hunter Garnatz as the prime candidate to get me a Horde version of the Garrison thing, because I clearly need more freakin’ garrisons!  Well, he is heirloomed up the butt to level 90 now.  I can have a whole army of forgotten and idle… but well equipped… alts now.

And, finally, I did take the obligatory selfie with the new camera.

Vikund in his garrison

Vikund in his garrison

So that is about all the news I have from Azeroth of late.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go attend to my followers.  Some of them might be idle!!!

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back in Azeroth

  1. Balthazar

    I did the garrison thing on 3 characters religiously up until about a 2-3 weeks ago. I just got sick and tired of it. I think it is the worst part of this expansion and I dislike it immensely. It was kind of neat at first, but after a while I felt like I was doing chores rather than actually playing the game. About the only other thing I dislike more is the new inventory mini-game they have created with all of the various on-use items. It’s ridiculous. I thought they were doing us a favor by including the materials bank space and increasing stacks to 200…instead it was just paving the way for their new inventory management mini-game.

    Still having fun doing arena and instances with friends though, but now I am just pretty much logging in to do that and otherwise spending my time playing Homeworld Remastered or Warframe. Hoping the new EQ progression server happens sometime soon as I’d like to spend some time on that.


  2. NetherLands

    First to agree that the severe level requirements for Instances since esp. MoP are/were a pain. It’s hard to believe that RFC at one time used to be enterable by level 1’s. What makes/made them especially annoying in WoW (to my friends and me, at least), is/was that they aren’t exactly tuned to being overly dangerous to lower level characters (unlike is the case with e.g. my current posion of choice – Scottish made Eldevin – were even Story Mode is so tightly tuned that, if it were possible, to enter two levels below ‘par’ to do so would be suicide, at least on your own; note that full Dungeon Mode is such that max level 45’s can often e.g. not solo the level 20 Instance)

    In regards to Ula’s predicament: with WoD (or late MoP? can’t remember) Blizz introduced Dungeon Objectives (usually killing the Bosses) with (very) high XP-yield while at the same reducing the mob XP, so it could be that ignoring the minions and aiming for quickly killing the Bosses will yield more XP/Hr, though it does depend on the Instance layout (no personal experience beyond the first WoD Dungeon) .

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  3. JJ Robinson

    I enjoyed playing WoD until my garrison was maxxed and the only way to improve my character was in normal or better raids. Of course this took about 2 months time to get there. So, while the garrison quests were fun, and I’ll admit I woke up early and set everything before leaving work, there is nothing there now. I dislike running alts through the same quests I’ve already done, and with no cause to run heroics there was little PvE wise for me to accomplish. I’m not a huge fan of WoW PvP, and hate grinding for the PvP gear.

    While I enjoyed the expansion, I’ve come to realize any new WoW expansion will be little more than a 2 month game for me, which is still solid but nothing like the glory days of MMOs.


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