Delve – We Rat and We Mine Things

Just about two weeks ago we got the somewhat delayed March economic report for EVE Online where it was pointed out in a chart just how much of the biggest ISK faucet in the game, NPC bounties, flows into null sec space.  That number was 92.2%.

Bounty Payments – March 2017

Now we have the April economic report and the charts have changed up again.  This time we can narrow it down to where a lot of that ratting and mining is happening.  Delve is the place.

Here are the NPC bounties claimed by region:

April 2017 – Bounties by Region

Delve is solidly out in front when it comes to ratting, coming in with almost double the amount of the next region in contention, our old home in Deklein.

As before, NPC bounties remain far and away the biggest generator of ISK in the game.

April 2017 – Top ISK Sinks and Faucets over time

Bounty payments are still down from their peak, no doubt to the small nerf to carrier ratting introduced back in March, but remain wholly the dominate ISK faucet.

The mining chart is back again as well, and Delve stands in first place there as well.

April 2017 – Mining Value by Region

Now you know why the Imperium keeps getting their Rorquals dropped on… Delve is the place where Rorquals are likely to be found.

This month included a bonus chart that compares mining ship activity in April 2016 and April 2017.

Top Mining Ships April 2016 vs. April 2017

A year ago the Rorqual simply wasn’t used to mine at all.  Now it is the preeminent mining ship in the game.  The durable Skiff and Procurer, along with the commodious Mackinaw, look to be considerably less popular than a year ago.  The Hulk, once the only ship to mine in if you were serious, seems to have held on to its percentage of yield fairly well.

Anyway, now you know what we really do down in Delve; we rat and mine like a ravenous horde of care bears.

The full April 2017 economic report can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Delve – We Rat and We Mine Things

  1. p0tsh0t

    +1 for the egregious use of commodious. I approve. If this goes anymore care bear, I may have to resub.


  2. SynCaine

    All of this just further reinforces the silly idea that killing rattings/miners hurts the alliance as a whole. It hurts the individual, but even then only the ones not paying attention are hurt often enough to matter, and if they quit, not exactly a huge loss in quality.

    Plus right now, PLA is the biggest feeders of rorqs and ratting ships, and they also happen to be the biggest alliance contributing in terms of paying taxes and maintaining ADMs.

    A sign that an alliance is hurting is when the region is so inactive people don’t come trying to kill you. From that perspective, the relocation to Delve might have been the best thing to happen to Goons in a long time, so thanks Casino War!


  3. AJ Osiris

    And when moon mining changes take hold, we will see even more activity than ever before.
    For the first time in EVE history we will see a massive move of Force Aux as well as other Carriers and Dreads showing up in these new mining fleets to assist these new massive mining fleets that will have to become involved in moon mining. Since the moon harvesting values have been a central point of argument and reason for occupation of certain regions for so long, this will definitely cause more changes to all economic graphs and even pvp graphs for the same systems.
    So this fall, we will have many more gamers returning to play as well as many more current players starting to move more pvp action into the Industrial sectors.
    I can’t wait to be called upon to run the carriers as well as the black ops covert bridges for bomber fleets into these areas as we approach Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble – Time to gobble up moon mining fleets and turn the direction of central citadel locations.


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