LOTRO A Legend Overwhelmed

Who is going to say this sort of server isn’t popular now?

Most popular legend in Middle-earth

Official word from the forums less than two hours after the Anor server went live:

We are aware that players are experiencing a significant queue to get into the Legendary server Anor. The server has been near or at its available concurrent capacity since launch, so people in queue may experience a longer wait until someone logs out. We are also aware that the queue numbering system is not displaying correctly, but the queuing is taking place as intended.

IN THE MEANTIME, we are working quickly to get a second Legendary server ready. Ithil is expected to be available for log-in tomorrow.

We know many players want to play with their friends, so we will for a limited time be offering FREE character transfers between Ithil and Anor. These character transfers are not yet available, but will be when Ithil opens. Note that other limitations such as wait time between transfers do apply, as do typical transfer naming rules.

We are thrilled and humbled by the overwhelming response today, and are continuing to work hard to maximize server availability.

So we’ll have two servers up tomorrow.

A further update from the forums:

We will be opening our second Legendary server Ithil to the public at 6:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT) tonight! This should help alleviate queues. Additionally, we will be enabling free transfers between Anor and Ithil tomorrow. We will have more information then.

We have also fixed an issue that was causing the queue (when in effect) from properly counting down.

So there will be a new server up soon.  As for the queue issue, I don’t think they have actually fixed anything.  Reports are that the queue doesn’t updating and is not working.


4 thoughts on “LOTRO A Legend Overwhelmed

  1. vatecd

    What I don’t understand is … why? These servers offer nothing that you can’t do with a like-minded kinship and some Stones of the Tortoise (or whatever the pocket item is called that stops XP gain). Are people really so intent on running stuff with strangers? I honestly do not understand the mindset here.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @vatecd – I have made your point myself, and I have seen people trying to overstate what SSG is doing. But it doesn’t matter. There are always plenty of people with rose tinted glasses ready to jump on to this sort of thing, no matter the lack of actual difference between the new server and a standard live server.

    Still, there is something to be said for starting on a server where the population isn’t mostly clustered around the level cap. It will be easier to find groups, form kinships, and all that. Of course, the place will also be crowded, mob spawns camped, and quests backed up as you wait your turn to do whatever.

    And in about a month the population will drop off and there won’t be a queue on either server and some people will start calling for them to be merged.

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  3. SynCaine

    I’d argue overpopulation, even with its issues, is its own entertaining feature. And since its rare (server launch that is popular), people jump in at the chance to experience it.

    If WAR launched a server tomorrow, I’d play it, just to ride the population wave until it crashed into the level-cap wall, for instance. If WAR was still normally available today, I wouldn’t be playing it.


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