Burn Jita 2020 Seems Unlikely

We’re getting towards the end of what one might consider the Burn Jita season and there hasn’t been any word if the event would be returning this year, which seems to be a pretty solid indication that it won’t.

CCP used to put up a warning about the event

Burn Jita started off back in late April of 2012 when the then CFC decided to disrupt commerce in the main trade hub of New Eden.  It was, in its way, an extension of the ice interdiction and Hulkageddon events  The first Burn Jita only ran for a few days, but it had some impact, surprised some people, and got its share of notice outside the game.

From France’s Le Figaro

I was there on the opening night, taking screen shots and even putting together a video.

It was generally considered a rousing success, with even CCP chiming in, and somehow managed to let just about everybody involved claim victory.  CCP even did a dev blog about the event.

Things went so well that the event became something of an annual rite, a ritual of spring, and I went to watch and participate every time.  One year it went to Amarr for role play reasons, so I took screen shots there instead, but it was a regular thing.

You can click on this link for the Burn Jita blog tag and scroll down all the posts, year after year, about the event.

As an event it became more organized as those running it figured out the best way to get things done.  The first Burn Jita seemed like complete chaos compared to the well oiled machine that it became as the years went on.  As with all things Goon, it was simplified so that the average line member could log on and join in.  You could get online, get on comms, get in the fleet, be given a gank fit ship, told when to undock, be warped around to a target, told when to shoot, and get to watch yet another expensive freighter explode, followed by all the ships in the wing and CONCORD imposed their belated vengeance.

Then it was back to the station to wait out your timer then undock for the next kill.  A skilled cadre of players from MiniLuv, the high sec ganking sig of the Imperium, kept the party rolling while making it all seem smooth and easy.

The thing is, putting together Burn Jita is a lot of work.  They have to collect together and assemble tens of thousands of gank fit destroyers, get people to commit to various parts of the operation, and basically be ready to run a rolling gank op for 23.5 hours a day for four or five days straight.  It is basically a concentrated war at an operational and organizational level, which is the sort of thing that can burn people out on the game.

So I suspect that we may have hit a point where nobody is hyped up enough to put in all the work required to run it for the seventh or eighth time.

As an Imperium line member, and a lazy one at that, I am probably less privy to coalition planning than even a modestly competent spy in the organization, so the idea that nobody is interested enough to step up is just speculation on my part.

But even if that is not the case, it does seem like Burn Jita won’t be happening this year.

Speculation aside, it was announced that the Goon Expeditionary Force, the deployment SIG for people like me who get restless when there isn’t a conflict in null sec, is being spun up for a deployment soon.  While you could have a deployment AND do Burn Jita, it seems unlikely.  There would be a lot of organizational overlap between the two, so I suspect the deployment is what is happening.

Maybe a year or two off from Burn Jita will be good.  At some point somebody will miss it and get hyped up enough to take up the burden of running that show.  For now though, it seems like Jita will be spared the extra carnage this year.

10 thoughts on “Burn Jita 2020 Seems Unlikely

  1. anypo8

    Burn Jita has lost its point. It’s not a violent and unexpected protest anymore. Only the worst of the bad get caught in the Burn, and it doesn’t mean anything. AFAICT Goon leadership is happy with the state of the game, warts and all.

    If the Goons wanted to disrupt the game now, better to go back to the old OTEC days and buy all the market hubs out of rare minerals and shut off sales from their mining operations. I suspect the short term market impact would be devastating given recent CCP mineral restrictions. Follow it with a coordinated market dump at a random time a week or two later and it might be highly profitable as well.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @anypo8 – I don’t think Burn Jita has ever been viewed as a real attempt to interfere with the economy, at least in the way that Hulkageddon started out. It was more of a power flex, a statement that Goons could reach out from null sec and have an impact. And even then it quickly became more akin to something like an annual fishing trip or weekend in Vegas with friends, a change of pace, a bit of a wild time, and something of a bonding experience. There is a pretty big fan base for making expensive things blow up in the coalition.

    At least that is my view as a line member. And keeping the fans of explosions happy is a coalition priority because that is the core of the people who will show up if there is a war. Right now things are very quiet. I’ve been on four big ops four weekends running without a fight. So Burn Jita seems like a timely idea right now.

    But it is a lot of work for a small group of people, more work probably than a small war or deployment, which doesn’t have the same intense pace and can count on more people to help out.

    So instead the GEF… the opt-in home for those of us who only log in to see things explode but are too lazy for the more intense SIGs… will get shipped off to some place in null sec to make trouble, shoot structure, and hope for a fight. I’ll go. Maybe something will blow up.

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  3. evehermit

    I pass suicide ganking camps almost every time I travel to or between Trade Hubs. (I have the main organisations and their scouts flagged.) They are common at any time of the day or week, and have been relentless this year. I see your Goons regularly. As such, the dumber haulers are culled all the time. That probably make Burn Jita less profitable – although frankly I am not sure that was the point of Burn Jita, since they killed just as many empty haulers as full ones.


  4. Nogamara

    It’s not that I have a lot against Burn Jita in general but I am not happy how it ended up. One could argue all about sandbox and PvP and so on, but I still think this was started by the (back then) single most powerful and organized group in the game and the people who had the most damages were the casual solo players who might even not have read the fan sites or forums and got caught in the cold.

    Yes, I know, preparation, carefulness, etc.pp. Maybe I’m also just a carebear at heart, but when I am Low or Null I know what awaits me. If I was just hauling 20m of Ore to Jita as a HighSec solo player then this just sucks and I’m not sure this was the real intention if the T1 industrial isn’t a fat target but only worth a little more than the gank frigs and destroyers.

    Also to evehermit, how do you define these dumb haulers? I don’t see how even I would do anything against a suicide gank in highsec without buying a fully tanked DST… and the stuff I’m hauling in HighSec doesn’t even give enough profit to buy one if I’m not cross-financing from Null.

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  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Evehermit – I suppose the simple way to look at it is that day to day ganking is business and Burn Jita is a party.

    @Nogamara – Ganking along trade routes is done for profit, so you have to be carrying enough cargo to make it worth losing the ships it will take to blow you up. There is a line, I think it is 10K EHP per 100 million ISK in cargo value, at which you are not worth the effort. So “dumb” means people like me carrying a Hulk in a Badger with only cargo expanders and auto-piloting through a key ganking choke point. True story.

    EVE Uni has an article about suicide ganking that describes some of the gankers calculation and tactics as well as where the tend to hunt.

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  6. Klyith

    Last year I remember it got a bit dry for targets by late saturday, and on sunday we were over-killing freighters with double fleets just because there weren’t enough to go around. My feelings at the time were that the pubbies had finally, after 7 years, caught on to what was happening and knew what Burn Jita means.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Klyith – I suppose we couldn’t depend on deliberate ignorance to last forever, though for so many years Burn Jita seemed to come as a surprise for many even when CCP put up warnings on the launcher or login screen.


  8. evehermit

    @Nogamara – there are no ships you can fly, no value in cargo you can carry, no fittings you can use which make you immune to hi-sec gankers. All you can do is make a considered judgement on what you fly and how you fly it. When I refer to “dumb” haulers, I am talking about those who make the gankers task easy and rewarding. The extreme example would be the autopiloting half fitted T1 industrial with 1 Billion ISK of cargo. I often haul in a DST, but with 90K EHP a lot of ganking camps are able to take it down if they wish too.

    @tagn – I follow the killboards of the gankers local to me. It obviously depends on how quiet the day is, but on average T1 haulers start appearing for around 50+M ISK of cargo, DST from around 300M+ M, Orca and Freighters from around 1B ISK. They do however seem to make decisions on breaking even instead of massive profit. Some days T1 Industrials carrying 20M ISK are targeted. Very good analogy re business and a party.


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Yes, nothing is going to stop somebody who wants to shoot you in high sec, and they’ll blow you up if they’re willing to pay the right price. But if you’re not carrying a silly amount of goods and are warping gate to gate and turning on hardeners when you break cloak to warp, you have a good chance of surviving. I drove 600m ISK in datacores through Niarja in a DST last week and wasn’t bothered.

    But if you make yourself a target, draw attention to yourself, engage with the campers, they might shoot you just because they’re bored. Word is that they will gank people auto-piloting with cargo just to make the point that it is a bad idea.


  10. Nogamara

    @Wilhelm and @evehermit: The EVE Uni wiki also lists “3M ISK per 1k of EHP”, but even if I ignore that kind of advice and haul up to 60-90M ISK in a 10k EHP thing several people have told me this is a bad idea and it didn’t really change over the year. And that’s what I was talking about, not Freighters but T1 Industrials.

    I mean, I’m not bitter, as I said I could just stay away from Jita for a week or two, and I also think the more money you have the more tools and knowledge are at your disposal, but maybe U’m overly stressing real beginner players (who never made more than 1 bil total) who I wouldn’t call stupid per se.


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