EQ Aradune Server Remains Over Crowded

In addition to launch day problems on Wednesday, the Aradune “Truebox Dedicated Progression” server remains over crowded.

Nostalgia goes live

Rather than being able to simply log in and adventure, players are finding long queues most hours of the day.  Daybreak has spent some time in the past creating a structure that could absorb more players on these special servers, adding the ability to spawn multiple versions of popular zones and creating a login queue for the launcher.  But the draw of a fresh new, true box progression server remains a bigger draw than they can handle.  The following statement was issued on the forums this morning:

We know lots of you are excited to play on Aradune, and wanted to provide an update. We’ve been monitoring queue times for the server closely and at this time we’re at the maximum capacity it can safely handle. We have noticed, If you have a flexible play time, there have been little to no queues between 12 AM and 7 AM PDT. We have made changes to the AFK timer to improve queue flow and are continuing to look at further improvements to reduce queue times during peak hours.

This does not apply to the Rizlona server, which also launched on Wednesday.  Logging into the game on that server is not nearly as difficult.

Aradune is, of course, a special name, being the handle EQ developer Brad McQuaid used in game, and was no doubt chosen to remember his passing last year.  That no doubt drives a bit of the desire to be on that server.

Also, the Rizlona server is not a “True Box” server, allowing players to multi-box if they like, a practice that has angered some players who have been quite vocal in the forums about Daybreak needing to do something about this sort of thing.  That has probably driven people to choose Aradune over Rizlona as well.

The question now is whether the pressure on the Aradune server is something Daybreak can manage until the population spreads out and the initial enthusiasm wears off, at which point the queues will likely disappear, or if they will need to add an additional server, the old school way to solve this sort of problem.

Adding a new server inevitably ends up with the second server being low population after a while, necessitating a server merge down the road.  We shall see which path Daybreak chooses.


3 thoughts on “EQ Aradune Server Remains Over Crowded

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  2. bhagpuss

    It’s by no means only Aradune. I make a habit of watching the Game Server Status page, which I never see at peak time due to being fast asleep. On Saturday at around five pm U.K. time, so about midday East Coast, nine am West Coast, there were eight servers at High and eight at Medium. Today at the same time it’s seven High and nine Medium.

    What I find really interesting is that of the seven High pop servers right now, four are non-progression servers – Bertox, Bristlebane, Cazic and Firiona Vie. The other three are Aradune, Rizlona and Mangler. All of the Medium servers are regular “Live” servers. I think all the Low pop servers are old Prog/TLE ones. The progression server concept is clearly popular but it looks as though the numbers playing under the regular ruleset are far higher.

    I do wonder sometimes whether there’s a bit of the tail wagging the dog going on here. It’s always good publicity for an MMORPG, though, having more players than your servers can handle. Just so long as it doesn’t go on too long.


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