More SOE Email Pain

I was just poking fun at SOE’s email marketing when I received yet another example of it.

According to the header, this item came from at 16:24 EST on Monday, March 5th.

Subject: Saga of Heroes – Double Experience Weekend and Game Update 1



This e-mail contains promotional, marketing and advertising material.

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So not only did I get another marketing email from SOE that was blank and lacking a backup method to view whatever it was that got stripped out along the way, it was sent after the end of the event it was pushing.  The Double Experience Weekend ended at 8am EST on Monday, March 5th according to Silky Venom.

I suppose the Game Update 1 information would still be useful, except that I did not get any with this email.

I do wish they would get their act together on this sort of thing.  After all, I actually signed up to get this information.

3 thoughts on “More SOE Email Pain

  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Yes, because you are not “eligible” for the death penalty until… was it level 6 or 7?

    I didn’t even start in on how odd it was to pull the “double exp” trigger only one month into the game. If you need to dangle that carrot already, then there is something wrong.


  2. Kilanna

    I dont know if this is too harsh but i wonder if this is a symbol of problems within the culture at SOE. Am i right in my impression in that other MMO’s just give a much more “polished” experience? I guess the word “polished” is the word that I think of when describing my experiences with WoW. Everything looks like it has been completed properly and deliberate attention payed to even small detail.

    I have been reading some bloggs the last few days discussing the importance of customer relationships, company reputation and the power of word of mouth in the MMO community.

    In the increasingly compeditive world of MMO’s SOE must provide a positive and professional image in all aspects of their dealings with customers. Having an email recieved after the event and with the vital information stripped out does not signify professionalism to me.

    But – maybe i am just bitter – I am still smarting even after 2 years, over the changes that literally destroyed Star Wars Galaxies :( Lol maybe I just need to let it go:)


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