Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

Chainmail Fae – Tier 5

I did not play EverQuest II very much last week, but I managed to pop up to level 42.  I have been running through Steamfont some more.  The zone is actually a bit bigger than I first thought and has enough vertical to make for a lot of flying fae fun.

Level 42 means time for an equipment upgrade.  I had a couple of ebon clusters tucked away and purchased a few more for a total of 8 to equip Blintz through to level 52.  I suspect that this tier will take a while, so I do not mind investing in better equipment.

Two of the clusters were for weapons.  I went with a rapier and a tomahawk this time for my piercing and slashing combo.

The rest were for helm, shoulder, wrist, glove, chest and leg armor.  For feet I would stick with my Journeyman’s Boots.

The catch was, of course, that I had to get Blintz to armorer level 44 to be able to make all of these things.  So on I ground.

Getting through level 42 wasn’t fun.  I had enough items to make that I got to 35% with the “first pristine” bonuses, but after that I was making plate helms, one after the other, at just under 2% experience per pristine unit.

Level 43 was a bit easier.  Not only did it have more items to make in the standard book, there were three ebon items I wanted to make as well, including the imbued chest, so I ended up 50% into the level before I had to start the grind.

Still, that is half a level of grinding.  Not a huge time investment, but a bit boring.

Finally I hit 44.  I made the last piece of my ebon set, the chainmail pants and I was set.

I actually made two sets of armor to wear.  One fulginate set, just to show what fulginate looks like on a fae swashbuckler.


It looks very “fae in a can” with a bit of a blue tint, but at least it is a change from the last tier.  I was disappointed that my armor did not change from level 22 to level 42 despite wearing three different sets. (Carbonite, feyiron, and feysteel)

And then my ebon set, with Journeyman’s Boots.  Always bet on black!


This looks cool, although I am not completely satisfied.  If you look back at a picture of Blintz in iron armor at tier 2, you will see it is just the same armor model with a different color.


I wouldn’t mind too much, except that I do not like the helm. (And, yes, I always use the /brandish emote for my pictures.)

I hope I get a better helm for my cobalt set!