Baby Bear

Of course, the reason for the previous post was because I had to roll a new character to see what The Shadow Odyssey bear looked like in its initial pet form.

I present to you Snarly the Bear.



He’s about knee high to a human and just follows you around.

Might need to look into orthedontia for him.

15 thoughts on “Baby Bear

  1. nerrollus

    I have to admit it Wilhelm… I said fuck it and ordered the expansion of Amazon Next Day Air so I could get that stupid bear. Guess I’ll be seeing you in Norrath soon.

    Do you play on the AB server too? I think I’m on Unrest, but thinking about starting over on AB to try and join up with all the bloggers and community people since they all seem to play over there.


  2. nerrollus

    That’s interesting … Guk was my first server and I moved to Unrest for some reason. Guess it’s back to the home land. lol Not sure why I thought everyone was on AB. Maybe it’s just because the SOE people tend to play there.

    Cool … I’ll have to keep watch for you guys on Guk.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Somebody wrote a post along the lines of there being servers other than AB a while back. I thought perhaps it was Kendricke, who is also on Guk and who must be overjoyed to see me moving in and driving down the property values, but I couldn’t find it over on his site.

    So who wrote that post?


  4. nerrollus

    Are you guys all in the same guild or just spread out? Also, can you either post or email me a list of people’s character names so I don’t have to go hunt around through old posts to find them? ;p


  5. tenfoldhate

    That bear is endearing in a homely, snaggle-toothed sort of way. I always hated how mean bears looked in Warcraft–from the mobs of Silverpine Forest with their eternally gaping jaws to the downright ugly (and not terribly ursine-headed) druid bear form. EQ2’s pet, though he won’t be winning any beauty contests has a sympathetic look about him.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @TFH – He swims like an otter under water. I wish I could get the camera positioned for a good screen shot of that.

    @Nerrollus – A big chunk of us are in the guild Revelry & Honor. You can find me running around as Torill, Melkerr, or Ouzia.


  7. rao

    I was actually wondering which one you were. I knew you had joined up, but wasn’t sure of who your characters were. I’ve seen Melkerr quite a bit although I don’t think I have spotted Torill or Ouzia yet.


  8. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I am usually pretty quiet on the guild channel, except for the occasional mis-tells. My characters on Guk are all around level 20, so too low level to get involved in much guild activity yet.


  9. Kilanna

    It would be neato to catch up with some of you guys in game.

    Nerrollus – My girls are all in Pax Fatalis. Mostly you will find me on Kilanna, but also Nanytya or my little Necro girl Shaza (There is a good Aussie name for you!)

    Perhaps we could make up a custom channel for the bloggers to chatter no matter which characters we are on??


  10. nerrollus

    I like that idea Kilanna!

    Would make it so much easier for me to stalk all the pro-bloggers that I inspire to be. ;p


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