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While I have not been actively playing much EVE Online, I still play the training “what if” game now and again.  Frankly, it is easier at times to achieve longer term training goals when you are not playing actively because you stop thinking about the short-term tactical goals and focus on more distant achievements.

So I started looking at my alt.

He is already heavy with drone related skills and has capacitor related skills to envy.

Meanwhile Gaff had been talking about people in his corp with AFK level 4 mission running ships based on the Dominix, one of the Gallente battleships, and I was intrigued.  Like my late Cerberus, you fit the ship so your capacitor can keep your active tank constantly refreshed and you are on to something.  And then you just launch your drones and let them do all the work.

It sounded like a worthy experiment, something new to try.

My alt had no Gallente ship skills, so I started him down that path, frigates, cruisers, then battleships while I considered the options.

Looking through the load-outs on BattleClinic, I saw that I could potentially go with a shield tank on the Domi.  However, that seemed out of character for the ship, so I decided to bite the bullet, put in another week or so of training, and go with the active armor tank.

My planned fit so far:

High Slots

  • Drone Link Augmenter

Mid Slots

  • Cap Recharger II x4
  • Drone Navigation Computer I

Low Slots

  • Capacitor Power Relay II
  • Damage Control II
  • Large Armor Repairer II x2
  • Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
  • Armor Kinetic Hardener II
  • Armor Thermic Hardener II


  • Auxiliary Nano Pump I
  • Capacitor Control Circuit I x2

That give me a stable capacitor at about 60% and leaves five high slots to fill.  The alt could just fill them with salvagers and tractor beams and clean up as he goes.  He is a bit light on gunnery skills.  For now I suppose he could carry some light rails to swat frigates if it came down to it.

And then there are the drones.  He is ready for Tech II medium drones, Hammerheads and the like, but it will be a while before he can fly Tech II heavy drones.

But he is cleared to fly the Domi as of Sunday.  So he bought the ship.  It costs almost half that of a Raven, and less than half of a Rokh.  Here it is.  I named it Sushi Boat.

Does this ship make me look fat?

Does this ship make me look fat?

I tried to take a picture of it from a flattering angle rather than the usual bulbous front end shot.

And after all this training he can also fly a Myrmidon and just needs Gallente Cruisers V to fly an Ishtar.

So many choices.

8 thoughts on “Dominix Designs

  1. Phoe

    FYI, if you wanna drone and forget, your going to want a gun on it to ‘pull’ with. You make a pew pew at the group you want to die(or all the groups if you can tank em). Launch drones, and go make a sammich. If your fast enough, you can nick all the groups before their fluffy stuff gets to you and shoots ya, your drones auto-attack anything that goes from lock to shoot, and thats one less thing you gotta tell your moron drones to do 5 times before they do it.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Gun for pulling. Noted, thanks!

    @WFS: I pay by the quarter for EVE, so there can be some lag time in quitting. Anyway, I think I said I was in a slump, not that I had stopped giving money to CCP.


  3. Reatu Krentor

    shield tank is not out of character for a dominix(once upon a time Dominix CPU was boosted so it could shield tank, it’s in one of the devblogs of the ancients) and there’s 2 ways to do it on a Dominix, passive and active. Because of the whole buncch of lowslots it can sport a nice passive shield tank with shield power relays. To illustrate:
    [Dominix, Passive tank]
    6x Shield Power Relay II
    Damage Control II

    4x Large Shield Extender II
    Magnetic Scattering Amplifier II

    4x 250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M
    2x Drone Link Augmentor I

    3x Core Defence Field Purger I

    That’s a 500 dps passive shield tank on EFT, for a really generic passive shield tank(not that good a fit either, just a 30s click-click-click EFT outfit)

    Another fit me and a friend used was a Scimi and domi pair. The scimi boosted shield and tracking and the domi used 5 425mm railguns with 3 MFS and omni-directional tracking links(the drone tracking thingies). Around 850 dps at range and great tracking on both the guns and the drones.


  4. Kirith Kodachi

    Only problem with afk mission running with drones is when new waves of rats spawn and decide to target your drones instead of you. Nothing worse than popped tech II drones. :P


  5. Marchosias

    As a “pet-class” kinda MMO player, I really, really wanted to be a “drone boat” pilot, but the Gallente ships are just… ugly… IMHO. Someday I’ll have to give in to my strong drone-boat desires, and train Gallente. But for now my drone pilot is flying secksi Amarr boats – Yummy! That is, when he’s not in his equally secksi Hulk, hehe.


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