You Don’t Mess With The Zoltan

A few months back Zoltan was the man, king of the hill when it came to achievements.

He was the first person to cross that 10,000 achievement point mark in WoW.  Things look so good for him!  He was the front runner!

And now we find that somebody else has beaten him to the final goal.

Little Gray, a player in Taiwan has snatched victory from Zoltan, who is still 5 achievements shy of achievement perfection as of this time.

I’m surprised Zoltan hasn’t issued a press release calling foul, since Little Gray is really still one achievement shy of the mark.

I bet he is stewing now, seething with this rebuke to his achievement prowess.

So much so that I think we’ll see a serious Zoltan effort when patch 3.3 comes along and adds a few more achievements to the list.  And when Cataclysm comes I bet he”ll drive hard to lock down the array new achievements that will come with expansion and secure himself the crown.  So watch out Little Gray.  Zoltan has your number!

Watch for updates on this developing grudge match over at… um… oh,  They probably care enough to report on this.

(This post was inspired less by reality and my love of WoW achievements and more by sheer silliness and a desire to not let another choice post title slip away from me.  Any emotions ascribed to Zoltan are purly the product of my imagination.)

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Mess With The Zoltan

  1. Boogie

    Poor Zoltan, having missed an Hallow’s end achievement, will have to wait almost a year to establish the same feat :D


  2. Jalann

    I think there might be more Alliance quests for Blackfathom Deeps than Horde. You can get turned around in the early underwater parts. The best part is the Temple bits near the end. Blackfathom Deeps has a great atmosphere, but that’s it. If you have done it on Alliance I would recommend you skip it and go for Razorfen Kraul.


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