CSM 11 Announced – Xenuria Wins at Last

This morning as part of the EVE Online keynote at Fanfest, CCP Seagull announced the members of the 11th Council of Stellar Management.


Turnout was reported as low for the elections, which clearly benefited organized groups.

CSM 11 looks like this:

The 11th Council of Stellar Management

The 11th Council of Stellar Management

The winners, ordered as presented, save for two exceptions:

  1. Mr Hyde113 – Pandemic Legion (Perm attendance seat)
  2. Aryth – Goonswarm Federation (Perm attendance seat)
  3. Steve Ronuken – Fuzzworks Enterprises
  4. Sullen Decimus – The Bastion
  5. The Judge – Circle-of-Two
  6. Fafer – Northern Coalition.
  7. NoobMan – Hard Knocks Citizens
  8. Jin’Taan – Curatores Veritatis Alliance
  9. Kyle Aparthos – TheDivision
  10. Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  11. Bobmon – Pandemic Legion
  12. Nashh Kadavr – Pandemic Legion
  13. Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation
  14. Gorski Car – Pandemic Legion

So there are your new representatives… provided you’re in a null sec bloc in most cases.  As I said, a low voter turnout meant organized blocs won big.

For those of you keeping track, that GSF suggested ballot I mentioned back when the elections started ended up picking six winners, though clearly The Judge is a bitter victory on that front.

12 thoughts on “CSM 11 Announced – Xenuria Wins at Last

  1. Random poster

    Legit question as again this is not my game.

    Has the CSM ever actually done anything? I can’t see a game company actually empowering a council of players that are inherently biased towards their own groups do anything significant. Not in a game that has legit power blocs in game that can affect others play.


  2. Rob Kaichin

    Well, it’s a shame that this will likely be the last CSM ever.

    I don’t know if I should be pleased as a ‘null’ player (for who knows how long), or angry that we’ve only got two candidates who care more for the institution than for the politicking.

    I think Xenuria will last 2 months or the whole term. It depends if he manages to be a human being or not.


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  4. Fenjay

    @Random, others may have their own opinions, but here is how I see it.

    The CSM has no direct agency: they can’t MAKE CCP do anything. However, they have access and influence. Many things have been modified, messaged differently, or killed outright by CSM input. In some cases, the CSM can help speak for CCP when CCP loses their credibility. I know that if a CSM says they are excited for a new feature, I think that says something. The CSM has no financial interest and they can just as easily just say nothing.

    So, yes, there are cases on both sides that the CSM has no power and that it has too much power. But I think when managed correctly and not going off the rails somehow, it can have somewhere in the neighborhood of “enough” power.


  5. Zeroth

    So, six PL men (maybe seven with the CO2 guy), four for the Goons, one CVA, and Steve. Looks balanced. EVE is kill.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I think the interesting split is between null sec groups that want to hold sov and those that don’t care to hold sov. Wonder how that will play out and if CO2 might end up siding with GSF on that sort of issue.


  7. anon

    Here hoping that this cast manages to create drama of such magnitude that the only reasonable thing to do is to shut this thing down once and for all.


  8. Foo Downunder

    Gevlon will be pleased.

    I will work with what I have, where I am. That is obviously not on the CSM.

    Yes the CSM has achieved, both out in public and behind the scenes.


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