April Fools at Blizzard 2017 – Not Much to Talk About

Here we are again, another April Fools has rolled around and… Blizzard doesn’t seem in the mood.

There are a couple of items up for StarCraft II that have an April 1 date on them, so I assume they are humor.  There is the the Instability / Co-op Mutation announcement.

D4rK V0ic3? What does this picture even mean?

Then there is the Overlord Announcer customized announce package.  It speaks Zerg.

Overlord, with sound samples

It’s funny because you can’t understand anything in the sample sounds I guess.

And that was about it.

Over on the World of Warcraft site they are still focused on the Tomb of Sargeras 7.2 update and its ongoing hotfixes, all of which has turned into a bad joke in and of itself.

On the Diablo III site, season 10 opened (finally available on consoles!) and there something about the coming necromancer update announced back at BlizzCon, but nothing humorous.

The Hearthstone site is on about the upcoming Journey to Un’goro card pack.

Heroes of the Storm news is all about the 2.0 plan to fix the game and make it popular.  I am sure you can make a joke about that, but that likely wasn’t Blizzard’s intent.

And the most recent update about Overwatch involves a statue of Windowmaker for $150.  That they have to say, “Limit – 2 per customer” should be funny… or sad.  I can’t tell.

So not much of an April Fools from the team down in Irvine.  Digging around, it seems like there may have been some things done in-game for players, but the usual medium of outrageous new features and fake patch notes on the various sites seems to have fallen by the wayside.  I’ll have to check Blizzard’s April Fools archive next week to see if anything else was added for today.  But for now, that is all I have seen.  I’ll amend the page if something new comes up.

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My own archive of past years:

11 thoughts on “April Fools at Blizzard 2017 – Not Much to Talk About

  1. Seraphgrim

    The Co-Op mission in SC2 is actually a lot of fun. Rather than competing in a cooperative mission, you end up paired off in a 1v1 game against your matched opponent. Given the nature of some of the co-op commanders, it’s pretty fun – ending up with a 3 minute hero unit on your team, or cannon rushing each other with instant-warped cannons, calling down the Hyperion, Shadow Guard, or Orbital Strikes, they’re all fun and interesting. Some people are playing no-rush games and trying to fight each other legit, some are just cheesing it out. It was actually a fun way to spend an hour on SC2.


  2. smadronia

    Citizens of Dalaran, raise your eyes to the sky and observe!
    Yeah, He’s back, in new Dala, yelling every 3 or 4 minutes. No weird runes above the city though.


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