The Winter Nexus Holiday Events Begin in EVE Online

It is time for the holidays in New Eden as YC123 draws to a close and CCP has announced the beginning of the Winter Nexus events in EVE Online.

The 2021 Winter Nexus Event

There are daily events to do, including launching snowballs at NPCs and other capsuleers along with 13 days of login rewards to claim between now and January 4th.  Rewards include skill points, snowballs, SKINs, filaments, and other items.

Winter Nexus Login Rewards are Live

As usual, Omega accounts get all the goodies while Alpha accounts only get the top half of the bar, but if you upgrade to Omega before the end of the event, you can go back and claim all the rewards you missed.

As with last year there will be Volatile Ice Storms roaming throughout New Eden.  In these GPU taxing storms you will find special mining, exploration, and combat sites that will allow you to earn special rewards.

There is also a series of Winter Abyssal Proving Ground events for those who like their PvP in a staged arena context.

And, in the spirit of the season, there are also a series of things you can spend money on.  After all, New Eden only lives rent free in a select few who have rage quit the game and cannot let go.

As such there are packs with skill points and SKINs in the web store, Yoiul SKINs in the New Eden Store in game, and you can even get some SKINs if you buy something from CCP’s latest attempt at a real life merch store.

So there you go, a laundry list of ways to celebrate the holidays in New Eden.

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