Reynaldo Fabulous says, “Nice Boots! I’ll Take ’em!”

I had run the heritage quest “The Journey is Half the Fun” at least four times before I even rolled up Reynaldo Fabulous on the Guk server. The first couple of times I ran the quest, it was as part of a guild group.  There were a couple of stages, most notably the Thundering Steppes […]

To Be Fabulous in Middle-earth

My belief in the inevitability of my creating an alt on Nimrodel is as firm as any good communist’s belief that the inner contradictions of capitalism will inevitability lead to its downfall. One of the things I miss a bit from my last run through EverQuest II is my character, Reynaldo Fabulous. A name like […]

February in Review

The Site I was away on vacation for a week this month.  Did anybody notice?  No? Well, me being away must have been good because total traffic was up when compared to January.  Not bad for a month with three fewer days.  Of course, it helped a lot that I posted about Burn Jita 2019.  […]

December in Review

The Site Here we are at the last day of 2018 and the 402nd and final post of the year… unless something big and/or stupid comes up and I feel compelled to post about it before the end of the day.  I think we’re pretty safe though.  Who announces things on New Years Eve? 402 […]