Patches of Faydwer

I was actually pretty upbeat about getting into Echoes of Faydwer last night because one of my pals, a high school teacher a couple of times zones east of me, was telling me over IM how quickly the install and update went for him.  Of course, he had digital download, which may figure into this.  The digital download version was more up to date it would seem, so he patched quickly and was into the game.

Echoes of Faydwer

Echoes of Faydwer

When I got home I broke out the install DVDs right away and ran them.  That went quickly and smoothly.  The installer recognized that I already had EverQuest II and the Desert of Flames expansion installed and only installed Kingdom of the Sky and Echoes of Faudwer.  One DVD swap, a short run, and I was set. (I was amused to see in the installer a screen shot from the original EQ2 installer featuring a big battle with gnolls (old model) in Qeynos Harbor.)

I ran the application.  It came up, I logged in, the file system check ran, and the patcher started.  Estimated duration at 7:30pm was 26 minutes.  Great!  Just enough time to have some dinner and then I can take a look at Faydwer.

At 8pm the estimate was 10 minutes.  Not bad.

At 8:30pm the estimate had dropped to 8 minutes.  Odd.

After that, the estimate started growing.  Only a few seconds every so often, but it was growing.

At 10:30pm when I decided to call it a night, the estimate was up to 10 minutes, but the total process bar was less than 1/3 of the way full.  There was a long way to go.

At about 2:30am I woke up and checked the computer.  The patcher had quit.  I restarted it and went back to bed.

This morning the patch process appeared to be complete.  I ran it again, rightly suspecting that since I last started it, there would be more updates, and there were.

Still, I could not get into the game, so I went to the forums.  Ah the forums.  I did not linger there very long, just long enough to see that I was not alone in my issues.

IM reports from my friends in-game say that issues continue to dog the release, so perhaps I will go explore The Serpent’s Spine a bit more this evening, or do some of my WoW instance homework.  My screen shots will wait for another day.

I might try to sneak in and make my Fae character though.  I will have to see how things look.  Crushbone is locked at the moment, so that may have to wait as well.

I will just take the high view that it will all settle down soon enough.

2 thoughts on “Patches of Faydwer

  1. Paul

    Thanks for the lowdown, I didn’t trust the installer not to nuke my whole installation so I canceled the upgrade once it asked me what directory to use. I had expected the first message after the license screen to say that it had found my EQ2 installation and that it was going to upgrade it. Your blogged experiences saved me some time.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I had that same worry, but it seemed to come through okay. I know too many people who write installers to feel good about them. But, in the end, EQMaps and my other UI additions ran, my setting were still good, and that part of the process was fine.

    Glad I could help, even indirectly.


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