Complimentary Comment Spam

I mentioned previously that comment spam on the site seems to be on an uptick.  I must have passed some magic threshold of notoriety as the level of spam is holding steady.  I was rather hoping it was some sort of spammer’s rush to hit totals before summer.

The comment spam seems to be primarily about the following topics in order of frequency:

  1. Online Gambling
  2. Automotive Insurance
  3. Online Pharmacies
  4. Porn
  5. Home Refinancing

The topics ebb and flow.  Today seemed to be online gambling and pharmacy day.  Other topics show up from time to time, like divorce attorneys and cheap airline tickets, but for the most part the five topics I listed make up the bulk of the traffic.

The comments themselves can contain any number of things.  Long lists of URLs, text from Wikipedia with links in it, index words and numbers that no doubt get used to track what comments get past the spam filter, gibberish, product endorsements, frank descriptions of associated URLs (usually porn), and compliments all make their way into the stream.

It is the compliments that are my favorite. 

You can read through those, ignoring the URLs pointing to Canadian Pharmacies and off shore gambling sites, and imagine that you have a huge and appreciative following who say things like:

  • U’ve got good pics, the site could use a tiny bit of work (no offense) its still awesome
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And, my all time favorite: 

  • Your site is a refreshing change from the majority of sites I have visited. When I first started visiting web sites I was excited by the potential of the internet as a resource and was very disappointed initially. You have restored my enthusiasm and I thank you for your efforts to share your insights and help the world become a better place.

You would think you had changed somebody’s life, were it not for the fact that the name listed with the comment was “Best Italian Online Casino!”

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