Daily Archives: March 7, 2008

Visions of LOTRO

A friend of mine, a former co-worker, fellow gamer, and some-time reader of this blog (Hi Steven!), sent me a link to an interesting site called Vision of the Ring. He got the link from one of his current co-workers who thought he looked like a gamer.

While there is a lot of very good information on the site, the thing that I want to call out is the Speculated Expansion Schedule Map.

This is a map of Middle-earth that shows the current content and speculated future areas that Lord of the Rings Online may occupy.

And it is simply awesome. This is the sort of work that shows the passion some people have for the game.

The map is, as titled, pure speculation. Still, what is not to love? I’ve done my own speculation about LOTRO and future expansion.

The map’s creator, Hayoo, lists out the reasoning behind the map in the Visions of the Ring forums here. You can go there if you want to argue about or add to this bit crystal ball gazing into the future of the game.

Personally, I am still in such awe of the map itself that I have not begun to really weigh the likelyhood that it will come true.  I just want to be able to ride from Ered Luin to Gondor and beyond.

Anyway, thanks again to my friend Steven for sending this to me. Go take a look. It is a beautiful map for a gorgeous game.