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March in Review

The Site

I thought for a while about adding a “what I am reading” section along the sidebar, just to clash with all of the other junk I have over there.

But then I could not come up with a good definition of “reading.” It sounds simple, unless you are me.

For example, do I count, “Harry Potter and the X of Y,” which I am reading to my daughter?

How about the copy of “Blue Sky Dreams” that, like so many books crowding my nightstand, sits with a bookmark inserted, waiting to be picked up and finished. If I count it, then I have to count the others, and then the list gets pretty long.

Do audio books count? Or should that be “what I am hearing?”

And while I was pondering that, Tipa went and put up something like that on her site, which at least let me put the idea aside, since I didn’t want to look like I was following a trend or anything.

And when it comes down to it, what I am reading, however you define it, isn’t that interesting.

One Year Ago

In EverQuest II, my swashbuckler Blintz became my highest level MMO character at the time, hitting the level 50 mark.

Meanwhile, I was still griping about the rise in the cost of Station Access, but at least I got something of an answer as to how my Station Access dollars were allocated.

In World of Warcraft the instance group was coming to a temporary stopping point at Zul’Farrak. Work would keep Earl too busy to play with us for the next few months. Meanwhile, a load of my other friends in WoW disappeared due to server splits.

And, finally, I had a comically large arrow stuck in my head.

New Linking Sites

A big thanks to these sites who link to TAGN. I encourage you to give them a visit in return.

Again, if your site does link here and I have not mentioned it in the past, feel free to drop me a note, as it is getting harder and harder each month to find sites! (I keep thinking that every month is the last month I am going to find somebody new linking in!)

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Best Search Terms

world of warcraft human men
[The way they behave, it is best to be that specific.]

subspecies fanfic
[What is that? Poodle on dachshund action? Do I want to know?]

my new house pictures
[Your new house pictures are not here.]

french video game “we surrender”
[That hasn’t been a massive title since June, 1940.]

Best Spam Comment

The times of perpetually hunting for for real conceptions relating to this matter have ceased.
[So say we all!]

EVE Online

Back and armed with a new battlecruiser, I continue running some missions for the Caldari Navy while also trying to build my reputation with Ishukone Corporation.

Lord of the Rings Online

Still locks up my system when I get near a town. No love for nVidia 8800 GT cards I guess.

On the founder’s referral front, I have now sent out the nine referrals. If people actually go live with those accounts, I should have some 30-Day LOTRO keys to give away, which will mean coming up with a contest.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft was the big destination again this month as the instance group continues to move on through the 5-person instances of the Outlands. I am also running a parallel track with my hunter who is working his way through all of the single player quests. In the race to see which one hits the level cap first, it is currently a tie, with both Vikund and Tistann sitting at level 64.


The Wii has been gathering dust at our house since the invasion of the DS. The main reason is Pokemon. My daughter loves them, loves to collect them, and they aren’t readily available on the Wii. The Wii hasn’t gone completely unused though. A couple of play dates over at our house have ended up bringing out Wii Sports and Mario Kart Double Dash.


On the other hand, there has been quite a bit of Nintendo DS activity at our house with, of course, Pokemon in the lead. My daughter has 7 of the 8 gym badges and has caught a huge percentage of the pokemon in game. I read somewhere that if you plug in one of the GameBoy Advanced versions of Pokemon into the front slot of the DS, pokemon from that game will be available in Diamond/Pearl as well. At least I think I read that some where, I might have dreamed it. Anyway, I’ll have to see if I can pick up a used copy of one of the GBA versions of Pokemon.

In addition, I picked up Brain Age with a Barnes & Noble gift card my brother game me for Christmas. My first run through the test told me my “brain age” was 67, which was a bit discouraging. I managed to get that number down to my own real age the next day, but I am somewhat held back by the fact that the DS has trouble reading some of my letters and numbers. My wife will tell you that my ability to write legibly is an issue all the time.

And, finally, my daughter saw a commercial for Dolpinz and Tigerz games on the DS and immediately wanted to go spend her own money to buy one of them. In a surprising turn of events I was able to talk her out of that plan for the moment (as opposed to having to forbid it) by pointing at the low review scores the two games received and promising to put Dolphinz at the top of our GameFly queue so she could try it out before spending money on it. Then, of course, GameFly sent me Super Mario DS, so this may not play out as happily as I had hoped.


Next month will probably be a bit light as I will be traveling for work along with having a big project to ship. (Did I say “ship?” I meant “slip.” It isn’t just the game industry that misses dates.)

More EVE Online antics are just waiting for me to type them up.

The instance group presses on.

I hold out hope that some day Turbine or nVidia will address my video card issue with LOTRO.

And tomorrow is April 1st. I wonder what mischief the blogesphere will come up with?