Daily Archives: March 24, 2008

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

There is a research agent… her name is Versanen Osoni. She really meant a lot to me at one time.

She is an R&D agent with Ishukone Corporation.

She is only level II, but of the highest quality. She would talk to me when most of the other agents would not give me the time of day, and her greeting was always friendly.


Just look at the warmth in her expression.

We also had something in common: Nanite Engineering.

She could lead the research and I needed the datacores.

So we hooked up and began to churn out those research points.

And things went well.

Not that there weren’t issues.

She was a bit needy.

Every day I would get a transmission from her about some problem with the research and could I drop everything and run out to see her.

Not that it was a big deal. It is nice to feel needed.

But she had another issue.

She was geographically undesirable.

She was more than 30 jumps away from my own home base, so I kid you not when I tell you that to get to her place, you had to fly to Hek, then hang a left.

Plus she lived in a bad neighborhood. Low security for several jumps in every direction, while she her own system was 0.3 security.

Still, our research had just started and I was flush with enthusiasm for what we might accomplish together. So I made the trip over and over.

Then one day she asked me to do a combat mission for one of her friends. I had to fly out there in my battlecruiser, a trip that ended in disaster.

That put a bit of a chill on our relationship.

Soon I stopped running out to her every time she had a problem.

Then she stopped sending transmissions to me on a daily basis.

I would go out to visit her when I needed datacores, and things would look up. She would start sending me daily transmissions again and I would make an effort to go out and help her. But soon I would stop responding to her calls and then she would stop sending them.

Meanwhile, I was working with other agents at Ishukone Corporations. My standings with the corporation rose, opening doors to new research agents.

One day there was a new agent. A level 3 agent. An agent that promised more research points per day. And agent only 8 jumps from my main location. An agent in a high security system.

So it came time to tell Versanen that I had found somebody else.

But the standard for EVE is doing things the hard way. This includes breaking up it seems. You cannot just stop the research remotely, send a transmission and be on your way. You have to go to the agent in question.

So at least once more I must pass through Hek for Versanen Osoni.