How Much is That in ISK?

You may have seen the ad at the EVE Online logon for the new EVE Battleship models.

You can get realistic (whatever that means when we’re talking about a virtual universe) scale models of the mainstay battleships of each of the four EVE Online factions.  They are:

They sound like they are quality items from the description at the EVE Online store:

The EVE Online Battleship Models are constructed from a solid resin foundation and are mounted, ready for display, on a base emblazoned with the associated faction logo. The meticulous reproduction of EVE Online’s ships is achieved through a combination of plastic detailing, cast metal components, and hand painted accents. The end result is a striking replica of the very ships soaring through space in New Eden.

The catch is, of course, that they are $124.99 each. (Or all four for only $499.96!  If I have that much to spend on toys, I’m buying this instead.)

And while I like the game a lot, and the models look good, with shipping the cost is more than subscribing to EVE for a year.

Which lead Gaff to ask the logical question, “How much is that in ISK?”

I’m sure somebody could do that calculation give the current time card rate of exchange.

10 thoughts on “How Much is That in ISK?

  1. Mynxee

    Well…lessee, that’d be $125 / $35 which is 3.57 time 410M ISK which is what a 60-day is going for these days…soooo….almost 1.5B ISK for one model. Personally I think those models are lovely but at those prices, a bit too dear for everyday battleships. Were they to offer a Cynabal, I probably could not resist. I would prefer less expensive models I could construct and paint–or even just paint–myself.


  2. Manasi

    Amen I agree with Mynxee (Strange how that happens a good amount) little bit too costly, and Wilhelm HOLY crap that Millennium Falcon looks so kick ass…. 6B in ISk alone to buy a model hmmm, Tis a bit pricey indeed


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Zapatero: As much as I hate chat acronyms, ROFL!

    @Winterblink: You are indeed correct, sir, the collection of four has the faction versions of the ships, not the standard ones. Still, I’ll take the Millennium Falcon over a CNR and the three others at that price. Of course, I suffer from LEGO megalomania. (Or perhaps it is my wife who does the actual suffering.)

    @Mynxee: Yes, if they had somebody like Heller or Hasegawa do a run of less expensive (and presumably less detailed) kits, I would be totally on board.


  4. Captain Braddock

    i’m hoping they make a tabletop game with eve miniatures like they did with the the starwars constructible card game.
    punch out some cards, build the ship, play with them.. :) sounds fun no


  5. ombeve

    So, that’s approximately £250…. ouch…very nice indeed and if I was a young, carefree lad with tonnes of disposable income, I would probably get them…

    But if i was that young, carefree lad, I might be sensitive to any young ladies I bring back to my pad wondering what they were… and then having to explain them away. Hmm.


  6. Aselus

    USING the GTC conversion cost for isk/money it is currently ~410m isk per $34.99.

    that’s ~3.572163475278651 time cards per ship
    or 1,464,587,024.8 isk per ship

    that’s ~12.502125531382846 time card for the faction collection
    or 5,125,871,467.8isk for the collection

    Taking this into account the regular ships are about the price of a faction version of the ship fitted w/ officer mods


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