Cat on a Bear

Here is Torill, my Kerra Fury, astride the level 20, first mountable version of the bear pet that came with The Shadow Odyssey.

There is something just odd about seeing a Kerra riding a bear.  But then, there is something just odd about a humanoid, bi-pedal cat.

Unfortunately, as a mount he is not as fast as my own speed buffs, so I am inclined to just run rather than ride.  Plus his running animation is just ever so slightly off from his actual speed which, once I noticed, started to bug me.  But now that I have pointed it out, it will probably bug you too.  You’re welcome.

And, yes, that is the five year veteran reward pixie on a string flying over my right shoulder.  It leaves a nice, sparklie trail as I ride.  I want to see a Fae with a pixie now.

7 thoughts on “Cat on a Bear

  1. Rob

    I am trying to embrace the EQ2 revisit. I have several toons that have sat alone over the past 4 years representing the scout, tank and crafting communities – but getting back into the groove of things seems all to complicated. The economy in EQ2, maybe because of the rampant gold sellers, has become horrific. Resources cost more than equipment, and mastercrafted equipment is worse than trying to buy something from Saudi Arabia. I spent 3 hours on my main (a lvl 60 brusier) in the Feerott harvesting while cleaning up grey quests and ended up with 4 rares. 3 hours – 4 rares total….and I was harvesting every node I stumbled across. I’m not even going to comment on item drop (quality item drop).

    I realize that I’m sort of rambling here…but there does seem to be a definitive unbalance for crafting/item drop. Yes, I can craft some amazing items for the game…but I am spending an inappropriate amount of time to even get the components to do so.


  2. Gaff


    You should look into a guild with a guildhall. This allows for NPC harvesters. As for the price of equipment–the closer in level to the tier you are trying to harvest, the harder to get rares. Also, since many people tend to be harvesting at the higher levels, it drives down the prices. Just harvesting as I leveled upon my return, I was able to make 5 plat by the time I was 20.


  3. Peregrine

    I’ve been really enjoying my bear – I think it’s just a nice idea to have a pet that grows with you. In fact it’s made me think that mounts could be used in some game to be a much bigger part of your character than they are. Instead of just a speed boost that costs a bunch of gold, why not have your choice of mount from the start of your character, maybe as a pet to start with, then growing up. It would be even neater if there could be some kind of talent tree for your mount, giving you your choice of speed bonuses, maybe saddle bags for carrying extra stuff, or giving you an armor bonus when you’re attacked while riding it. Really there’s all kinds of neat things you could do with them that no game (that I know of) is currently doing.


  4. Eathian

    Look into Lineage II pets. You level them up seperately then your character, but they grow as they lvl, and if i remember correctly can carry equipment.


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