Shut Up We’re Talking #58

“Shut Up We’re Talking,” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective, has released episode 58.

Regular hosts Darren from The Common Sense Gamer and Karen from Journey’s with Jaye were joined by Brian from Blue Kae, and myself.


  • Introductions
  • What We’re Playing – EVE and STO seems to be the common theme for three of us.
  • Listener Mail
  • Expansions, Exploitation, and Downloadable Content – Prompted by a comment to show #57 by Teviko, we try to get at the question asked, then meander about the topic.  References are made to the controversial show #30.
  • The Next Triple-A Fantasy MMO? – Prompted by a post over at Serial Ganker, what happens in a genre dominated by WoW?  Who would bother producing a subscription based AAA fantasy MMO these days?  Do we give up and go home, watch for indy games, or look to science fiction, horror, or some other genre to  provide an alternative.
  • Show Close
  • Out Takes

Blog Picks of the Show – Each episode everybody on the show gets to recommend one blog that we think you should go and check out.  For this show the following blogs were recommended.

The show is available on iTunes or can be downloaded over at VirginWorlds.

1 thought on “Shut Up We’re Talking #58

  1. OneShard

    I enjoyed you conversation about Eve Online in show 59 and it was great hearing the experiences in PvP. I had to stop playing due to time constraints. But as well as the large scale alliance PvP we also did small scale alliance PvP which wasn’t as risky and usually had a definite end time. The idea was to take a small band of 15 or so fast moving ships. Frigates, cruisers and special op’s and do a round trip of around 30 jumps to reach enemy space. The hope was to travel deep into enemy territory to take out a mining operation or just catch a lone enemy battle ship travelling in the relative safety of their space.

    It required group co-ordination with a set of advanced scouts telling you if you could make the jumps unseen. Until you found your prey and descended. Once caught obviously intelligence got out your group was in their systems then it became a cat and mouse game. As they tried to cut of you’re escape. Those times were some of the most intense action I have witnessed in an MMO. Aligning your ships too planets until you got the go ahead to jump and rolling safe spots when they finally caught you in a single system. All this just to make it safely home in your ship.

    These days, to get a more accessible time friendly PvP fix I player Warhammer Online. Death is not as harsh but with the recent updates 100+ player battles are playable with little or no lag. It is a tremendous feeling when your war band of 24 out-flanks greater numbers and hits them in the healers. It is like the rocky shore hitting the waves.


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