Fifty Million Skill Points

Another 7 or so months have gone by, which means I have accumulated another 10 million skill points in EVE Online.  Whether I am playing actively or on a bit of a break, the skill points keep coming.

The trail of posts go back covering where I stood at forty million, thirty million, twenty million, and ten million skill points.

After another 10 million skill points, here is how my skill point totals line up.

Spaceship Command: 9,218,308
Science:           6,284,291
Engineering:       5,740,869*
Missiles:          5,566,701
Gunnery:           4,423,706
Learning:          4,111,530
Trade:             3,271,765*
Industry:          2,941,576
Leadership:        2,307,163*
Electronics:       1,642,458
Mechanic:          1,178,568*
Navigation:        1,145,570
Social:            1,015,932*
Drones:              951,798
Subsystems:          151,765
Corp Management:      48,000

Total:            50,000,000

(asterisk indicates no change since last report)

Spaceship Command remained my top category again this round.  Science jumped up past Engineering due to my finally finishing off the skills required to fly a Hulk on my main.  He could haul and fly an Orca before, but now he can actually do the actual mining.

Gunnery also saw a big surge over last time.  I have been training up some of the Amarr related skill, mostly to fly their ships on a mission or two for screen shot purposes.  Yes, it has come to that.

Learning saw some growth as I picked up a couple of level 5 skills to help speed things along.

And then there was the new category, Subsystems, which you need for tech III ships.  That came as part of my tinkering with the Tengu.

When it comes to total skills known, Wilhelm has 206 known skills, up 15 since the 40 million mark, and they are distributed as follows:

Level 1:  1 skill
Level 2: 32 skills
Level 3: 37 skills
Level 4: 69 skills
Level 5: 67 skills

That is 11 more skills at level 5 and 10 more at level 4 since the last time.  I have been doing a number of things that have had level 4 and 5 pre-requisites, so those two levels have been growing as a result.

Finally there is the titan metric.

Way back when I calculated with EVE Mon that it would take me over 168 days to be able to fly the Caldari Titan.  At the last checkpoint I had that down to 99 days, thanks to finishing off Caldari Battleship V.  As of this point I am just over 92 days from being able to fly that titan.

Not a big gain, but I doubt there will be any big gains going forward unless I start on capital ships.  Nearly 68 of those 92 days are just getting to Capital Ships V, with another 20 in Advanced Spaceship Command V.  I am not likely to pursue either.  Unlike Gaff, I won’t be going after my Rorqual license.

I did miss my estimated target for 50 million skill points by almost a month.  My account lapsed, as I have been paying with PayPal and you cannot do recurring, back in November which not only stopped the skill I was training for a few days, but reset the skill back to its initial state.  That lost me 14 days of training on a 20+ day skill.  I know training is supposed to stop when you lapse, but the resetting back to the previous level seems a bit harsh.

And when will I hit 60 million skill points?

That will probably take much longer than past increments.  I think my long subscription streak will coming to an end with the next billing cycle.  Training queues and screen shots are about all I have been doing in EVE for the last few months, so it might be time to step away for a bit.

8 thoughts on “Fifty Million Skill Points

  1. Random Poster

    I finally let my account lapse when I found myself doing the exact same thing. I would log in, put a skill to train and immediately log off. The only time I was having fun was when my friend was playing and he quit and Eve is not conducive to fun as a solo venture in my experience.

    I don’t have nearly the amount of SP you do though, And my largest ship is a Raven so I was basically just doing missions anyway, and without him to talk to I got tired of staring at little red X’s on my UI :P


  2. bluelinebasher

    Yeah, you can probably get your time-based-queue management fix by playing Farmville and save some scratch. I’m breaking too, may return for Dust 514.


  3. Sören

    Time to check my own skills against that: a total of not fifty but fifteen million.
    3.38mil Spaceship; 2.50mil Drones; 1.90 Industry; 1.80 Science; 1.10 Gunnery; 1.00 Engeneering; 0.95 Learning; 0.80 Mechanic; 0.71 Electronics; …
    Not the impressive numbers as above but I guess one can see the Gallente miner/drone boat missioner. I’ll go on a bit before the next subscription break: I’m still grinding toward jump clone standing and maybe some PvP fun then ;) And I still have fun reading the CAS chat soap operas whilst hammering together some EveAPI-asset-managing-application (yes, yet another, but my own…*g*).


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I think one of the more pertinent questions I should ask myself is if the last 20 million or so skill points made much of a difference in how I play EVE. I’m not sure I’ll like the answer.


  5. Random Poster

    Ok so thanks to this post I started looking at some Eve stuff again.

    When/how did the Goons get disbanded??

    And isn’t that some pretty fast Karmic backlash/comedy?


  6. TK

    I actually just renewed my subs last week. I had been reading blogs on We Fly Spitfires, and it made me crave some EVE. It is a shame that you are taking a break, but I have done it too….many times. I have two 2003 accounts and they are o nly at 70-73 mil SP. I could easily be over 100mil if I would have played the entire time. Oh well, just remember EVE always has its claws in you. It may take a month or a year, but you will always come back. Plus new expansion in a few months.


  7. Ezra

    I have around 71M on my main and 66M on my primary alt. I’ve taken quite a few breaks to max out characters (note the use of plural) on WOW, LOTR, and a few other games but I still find myself coming back to EVE.

    Right now I’m trying to get myself back into the swing of things and while it’s not easy, I am making progress. I’m in a good corp with plenty of things to do. The rumor mill has it that soon we’ll be invaded by AAA…that in and of itself should be fun.

    I haven’t payed for EVE in a year or so, I spend my ISK and buy GTC’s to pay for my account which is a rather nice feature. I suspect though, if the fortunes of war tap into my bank account too heavily, I’ll still pay for the game (on at least two accounts) and continue to train skills and play. The cost of admission is low enough to not be an issue for me.


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