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Fourteen Years of EverQuest

Another anniversary in Norrath has come.  14 years ago I was coming home from Fry’s with the game, only to install it and be captured by it.

That seems like a lifetime ago, so much has happened in my life and the world since that day in 1999.  But the game still stand, still runs, is still alive.

Banners in the Plane of Knowledge

Banners in the Plane of Knowledge

A year ago, EverQuest became a teenager, an time of change in most lives.  For EQ it meant a change to the free to play model.

This year, things are a bit more subdued.  There were a few changes to what was free.  SOE no longer charges for races and classes, though I am not sure how much of a difference that will make. Races don’t have the burdens associated with them that they did back at launch, and I have to wonder, if SOE is making them free was anybody paying for them?  You don’t give away a best seller.  Bag slots and shared bank slots though, that seems like something you could sell quite well.  Here was what they said:

  • We are opening up ALL CLASSES.*
  • We are opening up ALL RACES. **
  • All bag slots are unlocked.
  • All players can now use the shared bank slots.
  • The quest journal restrictions are lifted entirely. Quest away!
  • Additionally, EverQuest is allowing all players to send delivery parcels!

That will make it easier when people go back to visit.

As for visiting, nobody in our last guild on the Vox server has been on in nearly a year besides myself.  But there are so many other games to play these days.