Daily Archives: May 4, 2007

The Glass of Aglaral

When you buy the Special Edition of the The Lord of the Rings Online™ – Shadows of Angmar™, among the things that purport to make it special is an in-game item called The Glass of Aglaral.

And I suppose that it is a bit special.  Here it is.


Adding one to Hope sounds like a pretty good thing!  More hope is better, right?

Only, my characters do not have a stat called Hope.

So I wrote down all my stats, activated the Glass of Aglaral, then wrote them all down again to compare.

The net effect, 7 hit points… erm, 7 morale points I mean.  No hit points for us in LOTRO.

Anyway, a boost of 7 for my level 12 Guardian.

Not a lot, but at lower levels that might be worth something.  Except there is another catch.


The effect only lasts for 5 minutes.  A 5 minute, 7 hit point boost once every 2 hours.

While I understand that they do not want to give out anything that is game unbalancing to people who happen to spend an extra ten dollars, but this is a pretty low budget item.  The pre-order items were much better than that. 

And I cannot even sell it for some decent silver.  I am a bit short in the cash department.  I had about 50 silver last night, then I trained my level 9 through 12 skills, trained the spear skill because I picked up a great spear, and then repaired all my armor.  Suddenly I had about 4 silver.

Not much hope in that!