Vengeance is Ours, and Veldspar Too

I dropped into EVE Online on Sunday afternoon, as previously noted, with a mind towards maybe knocking out a level 4 mission with my main and alt.  That is my plan for getting my alt better standing in Amarr space, letting my main grab level 4 missions and having him go along for the ride.

When I got on I saw Potshot on the corp channel.  He was out mining that now very lucrative veldspar.  I mentioned the mission idea and he was keen to come along.

I picked up a mission from a close-by Amarr Navy agent while he got himself in system and armed.

We drew the Sansha version of the mission Vengeance, which promised a nice reward and along with healthy bounties.

I got out the Raven while he drew a pair of Drakes.  We loaded up on missiles and headed out.  The right missiles too.  I remember a point in the past trying to do this mission solo with the wrong ammo and it being a royal pain.

The mission itself went well enough.  We had a bit of trouble in the first pocket when Potshot drew aggro from a battleship and had to warp out.  He let things go a bit too long and took some armor damage, which always costs to fix. (Unless you have the armor repair skill and the right module, of course.)

While running missions solo, I generally do not have to worry about who is getting shot, but I should probably figure out if there is a way to pull an NPC off of another ship.  Or is there no taunting in space? (Except on local, naturally.)

Once we wrapped up, we went back to check out all the asteroids that were scattered along the way.

It turns out that there is nearly 2 million units of veldspar, plus a smattering of scordite and omber in the various pockets of the mission.

The Raven and the two Drakes went back in the hangers and out came the mining and hauling ships.

Mining on the Sansha doorstep

Mining on the Sansha doorstep

I logged my alt on, invited him to the fleet, and had him fly his Hulk into the first pocket while I fetched the Mammoth to haul.  Potshot had his Covetor and Iteron V close to hand.

Iteron V hauling ore

Iteron V hauling ore

So we started burning down those asteroids.

Covetor with my Hulk and Mammoth in the background

Covetor with my Hulk and Mammoth in the background

Fortunately, the mission gives you quite a long time to complete it before the early bonus goes away.

We were able to harvest every last unit of veldspar, scordite, and omber in the mission and get home in time for dinner.

And that turned out to be the most lucrative aspect of the mission.  Nearly two million units of veldspar (1,995,000 actually) comes out to 5,990 refining units (333 units of veldspar are one refining unit).  Each refining unit yields 1,000 units of tritanium, which gave us 5,990,000 units which, at the current market rate for tritanium (4 ISK), adds up to close to 24 million ISK.

That, plus the omber and the scordite made for a nice bonus on top of the bounties, mission reward, and mission bonus.

It is fat times for veldspar mining right now!

12 thoughts on “Vengeance is Ours, and Veldspar Too

  1. Marchosias

    Very cool, I think I’m going to get back into mining this week. I’ve been trying to build faction up in Amarr space myself and it’s been slow-going, both in faction and ISK. So I’m starting to feel the need for some ISK building mining ops…


  2. Marchosias

    Oh, and I don’t know about taunting, but when I’m multi-box I mitigate aggro by using an EWAR-Jamming boat to break aggro target locks. It makes a huge difference for me.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    You sell it on the market to other players. You can do an immediate sale, which sells to the person with the highest buy order in your system, or do a delayed sell, where you set a price and wait for somebody else to come buy it.

    I put all my tritanium up for 4.20 ISK, over 8 million units of it, and somebody bought it all in one fell swoop.


  4. Escoce

    It is not only that veldspar is so valuable right now, but that other ores have dropped in value as well. Keep mining guys, I am here to buy your Trit.


  5. Stefson

    I see.

    And do you have to go to these distant astroid fields in tough zones (space?) in order to get this veldspar (or other mining things)?

    So basically if a new person/noob trains his mining skills well (is that possible?) he could go out and mine stuff and just sell it on the marketplace?

    If so, are you then gimped military wise?
    If you would go the mining way (the healer guy?), are you then gimped as a fighter (the melee guy?). Sorry for the weird analogy, but this is how it feels to me.


  6. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Combat skills are not mutually exclusive from industrial skills, choosing a path at the start just dictates your starting skills and a couple of your stats. You can change directions later.

    As for mining, it is easy enough in its basic form. The tutorial shows you how to do it. You can read a lot more about mining in Halada’s complete mining guide.


  7. Diametrix

    It is a weird anaology Stefon because in EVE there is no Class (healer, tank, dps). There are only skills and what you do with them. If you want to mine, train mining skills. Want to fight? Train combat stuff. Want to explore, trade, build, invent….train those. Yes, you can train them all.

    As to your question: you can go out and start mining, selling, trading and fighting on day one. You just won’t do any of it as well as the guy that started 365 days before you. But if you focus on the aspects you like best your skills in those areas will rise faster than someone who tries to do a variety of things.


  8. Stefson

    Thanks for explaning it like that. I think I got some perspective on how EVE works now. I’m going to try the trial and join the EVE university lads asap.


  9. Captain Braddock

    a small heads up for those mission runners, you can farm those in case you where not aware.if you wait till downtime the mission respawns with roids and rats.
    so basicly you can have a mission that nets 24 mil in ore every day till the mission expires.just don’t forget to enter it before it goes poof :)
    thats the reason some ppl have 5 to 6 missions open with different agents to farm those good missions :)


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