Lost in Norrath

Not the post-cataclysm Norrath of EverQuest II, but the original Norrath.

We are talking EverQuest.

I opted for 30 days of Station Access so I could visit both games and because if I didn’t get Station Access I would be way over my character limit in EQII.

And while it is easy to find all your characters in EverQuest II, in EverQuest it can be a bit of a challenge if you’ve forgotten the name of the server.  And was recently merged.  Again.  So the name no longer appears in the merged name.

Ah well.

I learned from my trial downloading EQII to avoid the soon-to-be-defunct Station Launcher and downloaded the new launch pad for EverQuest.

The new launch pad is every bit as slick as the EQII version when it comes to style and patching.

The Latest EQ Launcher

The starry part of the picture is my desktop pattern in the background.

I ran that and went to bed while it downloaded and patched away.

The next day I went past the launcher to find that the old server interface for EverQuest is still there in its muddled glory.

Good enough for 1999

And I was able to find Luclin right away, where a while back I was in Nostalgia the Guild.

Tistann in Surefall Glade

Ironically, Nostalgia the Guild is now something of a subject for nostalgia.  I had forgotten how far back that was, back during the Living Legacy promotion.  Nobody in the guild has been on for quite a while it seems.

Nostalgia for Nostalgia

I am probably in violation of some rule of the guild charter for posting a screen shot of part of the guild roster, but who is going to call me on it?  Somebody would have to re-subscribe to do so.

Anyway, once I remastered… or at least remembered… some of the controls for EverQuest, I got to look around a bit.  Surefall Glade is where my first character, a half elf ranger, started out.

I should have rolled a druid.

After some poking around there, I went to see what my other characters were up to.  I have characters on three servers.

Luclin was, as I said, easy enough to find.

The remains of E’ci was less so.  I found it eventually, and probably could again.  Tunare.  That was the server it got folded into a merger or two ago.

But the last server? I cannot for the life of me remember, and I wasn’t inclined to log on to each and every server to check, even if there are characters.  So somewhere there are a couple of characters lost in Norrath.  But they are probably in good company.  I wonder how many characters are in the EQ database here past the 11 and a half year mark.

I will probably spend some time looking around this weekend.  I should probably go to Halas, just to see how it compares to New Halas.  And I should see if I can find the new in-game player housing and how that stacks up.

I’ll probably have to go watch Sayonara Norrath to get a few more ideas.

5 thoughts on “Lost in Norrath

  1. Stargrace

    While I personally no longer have my main in the Nostalgia guild, I DO still actively play the game (player housing is amazing) – so that person calling you out on it, I speak up! :)


  2. Tipa

    I moved my characters, as well as my NtG characters, back to my home server, Erollisi Marr. Which (IIRC) now no longer exists.

    I did play EQ for a few months, got my rogue to 85 and got some levels on my druid….


  3. Bhagpuss

    I have one of my major cliques of characters on Luclin, including my druid who started with the server. She’s currently 60th and working on AAs, or was until I got taken over by EQ2X. My highest characters are on Stromm, but Luclin has always been my favorite server.

    I’m pretty sure you can find all your characters just by logging into EQPlayers. That’s how I found all mine to log them all in before the server merges.


  4. We Fly Spitfires

    I haven’t played Everquest in many years and, although it’s tempting at times, don’t think I will. I’m happy to leave the nostalgia in the past and not try to recapture it from fear of destroying my fond memories.


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