DCUO – PS3 vs. Windows Sales Ratio

John Smedley, whose Twitter account has come alive with the launch of DC Universe Online (he never Tweets about EQ or EQII), has been providing some tidbits of information about how things have been going with DCUO.

This mornings gem:

52% PS3 to 48% Windows seems more balanced than I thought would end up being the case.

Which along with:

…seems to indicate that things are kicking off well for DCUO.

We’ll see what he’s tweeting (if anything) when the 30 days of free play runs out for the PS3 players.  Will console players go for a subscription?

10 thoughts on “DCUO – PS3 vs. Windows Sales Ratio

  1. darrenl

    We’ll see where they are in 6 months. We all know sales at the beginning are not necessarily and indicator of long term success. Couple that with the fact that plenty hit level cap on the weekend it came out….jeesh.


  2. sente

    Bought DCUO for PS3 this weekend. Right now I do not think I will continue past the included 30 days, but remains to be seen in a month.


  3. Bhagpuss

    We keep saying “it’s not about box sales” but I wonder if the companies see it that way? If you go into profit from the initial sale and then run above operating cost on subs/cash shop income after that, with each expansion repeating the pattern, isn’t that a solid and sustainable business model?

    That said, I think DCUO would be a much more natural fit for a Guild Wars payment model than a sub.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I have not seen one of their ads yet. Not on TV, in any case. But I haven’t really been looking.

    I have, however, seen the Rift ad on Syfy, but only because my wife and daughter watch Merlin and called me into the room when it showed up. Even my wife, it seems, responds to the keyword “Azeroth.”


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