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Items from the Mail Bag – We are Mailing it in This Month

It is time again for that “it is late in the month and I am totally out of ideas” post, which means going straight to the mail bag to stimulate… or further deaden… my creative energy.

Symphonic Zelda

I got a note from Jeannie at Fresh PR that the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess tour was adding a few more dates.  It was already scheduled for San Francisco, so the added dates in LA and San Diego didn’t do much for me, but are not doubt of great benefit to my brethren at the southern end of the state.

Zelda in Concert

Since the concert tour site linked above is missing its “about” page still, here is the speil complete with trade and copyright marks.

The name “Symphony of the Goddesses” refers not only to the concert program but also to the new four-movement symphony recounting the classic storylines from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time™, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker™, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess™, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past™. The concert also will highlight orchestral renditions of music from other series games, including The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening™ and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask™. The full orchestra will be conducted by Eímear Noone with arrangements by music director Chad Seiter.

“This concert program is a truly special event for so many people who grew up playing The Legend of Zelda,” notes Jason Michael Paul, executive producer of Jason Michael Paul Productions. “The new tour dates are helping us bring this unique experience to fans across the country.”

Since first appearing in 1986, The Legend of Zelda game series has sold more than 65 million units worldwide. The most recent entry in the franchise is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which launched exclusively for the Wii console in November 2011.

Oh, and if you are a Club Nintendo member you get a 15% discount.

Young Justice is the Best Justice

Betsi Gijanto of Little Orbit wanted me to know that the “DC Comics brand” Young Justice, which is also a TV show, and which looks to me like “League of Justice Babies” or some such, is coming to video games.  Money to be made and all that!

It will be on all major consoles, which apparently means “screw you PlayStation Vita, the Nintendo DS is the only handheld that counts” and has its own web site if you are into that.

Looking at World of Tanks on your iPhone

Wargaming.net has releases an iOS application (Android soon) called World of Tanks Assistant which will let you view your stats, your tanks, and get game related news when you are stuck in a meeting that is important enough for you to attend but not important enough for you to actually pay attention.

Sims Social Booty Call

EA would like to give me 25 units of Sims Cash if I will just come back and play their Facebook game.

What does that coy look imply?

I haven’t played the game for nearly five months, since I turned it into Sims Anti-Social.  Then I took it a step further and removed rights from the app for my account and blocked all messages from it on my wall.

Smoke Your Tires

A note from Melinda Jackson at JAG Entertainment showed up to tell me about a new iOS app (hey, this all makes sense now that I have an iPad) called Smoke Your Tires. (A Surgeon General’s warning about the harmful effects of tire smoking is forthcoming.)

It is a racing game.  There is a flash version.  It is somehow all tied to a casino at the Kansas Speedway.  Whatever.

EVE News 24

Riverini at EVE News 24 sent me a note asking if I was interested in syndicating my posts on their site.  I had to decline, in part because… well… have you read my stuff.  It is hardly news.  Half the time I refer back to their site to support my ramblings.  But mostly I feared the comment threads on the site.  I am not sure I am ready for that.

But if you are, and you are an EVE blogger, EVE News 24 might be interested in syndicating your work.  They have a post up about it and everything.  Check it out.  They actually pay you.  The payment is in ISK, but that is probably more than you are getting right now.

Popeye Comes to Facebook

Large Animal Games has signed a deal with King Features Syndicate, distributor of such comic page giants as Popeye, The Lockhorns, Beetle Baily, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, Betty Boop, The Katzenjammer Kids, Sally Forth, Rex Morgan M.D., and Zippy the Pinhead, so that they can feature characters from these well-known-to-your-granparents comics in their Facebook game Picturiffic.  Yay.

And with that, I am overwhelmed by apathy and can go no further.  The 17 press releases from Gamingo will just have to find another way into the spotlight.