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Visions of a Sunken Temple

This is the second in my series of… well… at least two videos about World of Warcraft.

The first video was focused on the exploits of our regular instance group in their first year together in Azeroth.

This time around, the focus is on a single instance, the Temple of Atal’Hakkar or Sunken Temple.

If you are viewing this in a mobile device or RSS reader, the video can be reached via this link.

More information about the video is available after the cut.

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There is Always a Party at VFK

I am beginning to learn that flying with the Goons means getting fights delivered to you on a regular basis.

It seems that lately a hostile fleet will show up every night in or around VFK-IV during US prime time just to give us something to do.  This time is was a fleet from Initiative Mercenaries and Giantsbane.

I actually missed the broadcast for the home defense fleet initially, but logged on as soon as I saw it.  The battle had move on from VFK and I had to chase the fleet down C8-CHY in Fade after joining.  I got there just in time to sit and wait for a bit.

The fleet sitting in space

From there it was jump hither and yon, with one of the most frustrating moments of the night coming as we were jumping out to see the red fleet jump in on top of us.  Battle missed by mere seconds.

Some more hopping and a lot more waiting ensued.  Eventually we caught them up against a bubble at one of the gates and were able to pick off a few.  I got credit for assisting with a Muninn and a Huginn.  A pack managed to warp off and we spent the next 30 minutes trying to hunt them down without a dedicated scanning ship.

Searching again

Eventually boredom took over and we decided to head back, letting the remainder of the red fleet go.  The final tally looked to be 8 ships and 5 pods killed for 1 ship lost.  Some will look at that ship list and note the odds were heavily in our favor.  But when you fly in and kick the hive, you get all the bees.  You don’t get to complain about the odds when you do that.

On the way back we tripped over a cruiser gang doing a gate camp.

More bubbles

We scored no kills, but we probably startled them something good.  A one hundred ship fleet dropping in on your gate camp can wreck your plans.  After giving chase for a bit, we resumed our flight back to VFK. The fleet stood down to change commanders.  I took the opportunity to drop out as it was time for bed.  But I am guessing that some of the fleet headed out again to chase down the cruisers one jump over from VFK.

All of which is proof of what Gaff told me early on: Don’t rat or mine around VFK.  There is always something going on in the area.