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EI-O0O Back in TEST Hands

After yesterday’s non-fight for the final timer in EI-O0O, it looks like TEST got their act (and their allies) together and managed to lay claim to the system yet again about 16 hours after losing it.


Which means that a special little corner of north Fountain is still being contested.

SouthFountainJune282013The system is still clearly in play and it looks like the fight that was expected for yesterday’s timer is happening today.

Addendum: Well, that didn’t last long.


Gaff provided a few images of the fight in EI-O0O.

EI-O0O Down Without a Fight

Things finally lined up this week and I was able to catch an important fleet op in Fountain.  Shortly after I got home from work, a call went out on Jabber to form up for the final timer for the EI-O0O system in Fountain.  Given the turn out, the CFC was ready for a fight.  There were over a thousand pilots in our staging system and three fleets filled up pretty quickly.

TEST too had been building for this fight.  They had a state of the alliance meeting the day before to get people on board and had been haranguing the cadres to fill fleets for this fight.

When I got on people were undocking and trying to move to the J5A gate, which managed to grind time dilation down to 10%.  I joined Laz’s Megathron fleet, then realized that while I had shipped a fresh hull and all the fittings out to the staging station, I had neglected to actually put all the pieces together.  As I was considering how long it was going to take to put things together, a Jabber update specifically asked for more more logistics in Laz’s fleet.  Since I had an Onerios set to go, I just took that and started the long undock.

TEST and friends had some bombers in system that hit us on the J5A gate, though not to much effect.  They managed to strip back the shields on an armor tanked fleet.  But it looked like we might be facing a fight if they were already having at us.  Even CCP_Fozzie was telling people there was going to be a fight.

When we landed in J5A, the tidi mercifully disappeared.  It seemed like CCP had the area reinforced with extra server power to handle the anticipated clash.

We moved on and jumped into EI-O0O and warped to the infrastructure hub, which would be our first target.  There was still 18 minutes on the clock until we could shoot it.  And as we were spreading out around the ihub, word came down the line that TEST could not get enough numbers and would be standing down.  No big fight would happen.  We would be shooting structures on our own.

Laz warped us off to put a TEST tower in the system into reinforce.  That ate up some time.  Then it was back to the ihub to shoot it.  And then it was time for us to hit the territorial claim unit, after which TEST lost sovereignty in EI-O0O.  Somebody else has to set up our territorial claim unit.

There were a few bomber runs at us, done with the usual TEST bomber fleet efficiency.

Then it was back home to B-D where we changed out for other fleet types to go shoot SBUs, reinforce towers, and otherwise “twist the knife” as The Mittani put it in his broadcast.

So I went to EI-O0O and all I have is a few screen shots.

Addendum: The Mittani took this victory as an opportunity to put out an official GSF update on the war.