Daily Archives: July 17, 2007

Editorial Space

I was passing through Jita… all roads… or jump gates… seem to lead me through there… when I noticed, floating around the jump gate to my next destination an object with a very long name. So I selected it to see what somebody had to say.

It turned out to be some CCP conspiracy screed:


The information on the object also contained this:

CCP are so concerned with hiding the truth.

Well you can ban players from the forums, but you will have to go further to stop people being reminded of the truth.

CCP play the game through the BOB alliance, to ensure that no other entity can control any large areas of 0.0.

It’s there deluded point of view that it will reduce isk farming / selling isk, but it doesn’t work.

They continue with their plan to control all of 0.0 and don’t care about your opinion because their revenue is made up of empire carebears anyway.

T20 incident is only a fraction of what is happening.

I moved in a bit closer to see what object had been used as the vehicle for this message. It was just a little capsule.


Of course, somebody else wanted to get in on the act, and there was another container by the gate with its own name/message.


Corp recruiting. A little less controversial.

I cannot recall seeing this little trick before, though it has been a few months since I was in game. And, of course, once I noticed, I started seeing it other places, though it has always been corp recruiting. (I would say that this is probably not the best way to recruit, but I’ve seen so many worse methods in the past that I shan’t complain… much.)

The fact that I have not seen an ISK seller version of this makes me believe that this is something you cannot do with a trial account. Otherwise I am sure we would all be flying past containers named “Special Discount Code 943348 For 10% off of any ISK Purchase!”