At the Camp in 68FT-6

Being the space tourist that I am, I had to get out to 68FT-6 to see the pilfered Keepstar, the hell camp, and the various warp disruption bubbles laid about the station.

The bubbles above the Keepstar

Pings were calling for more interdictors and I had a Flycatcher stashed not too far away, so I tried to get out to the scene, but fell victim to a gate camp.  It was a gate camp I should have expected, could have avoided, and likely could have escaped, but I managed to be dumb on all front at that point and got blown up instead.  Typical me.

That put me back in Delve where I grabbed a Sabre I had handy and started the flight out to 68FT-6 all over again.  The route from Delve to Impass was actually pretty safe thanks to the fact that we are temporarily blue with both TEST and Brave Newbies, so in my speedy ship it wasn’t too long before I was arriving at my destination.

First glimpse of the Keepstar name

I docked up, then undocked to join one of the fleets camping the Keepstar, waiting for any daring CO2 pilot to try and get away.

Hanging out in the bubbles near the undock

I hung out in the fleet, listened to coms, and generally only paid half attention at most to what was going on.  There wasn’t much.  Capsules and interceptors that undocked to try and slip out were quickly picked off by sensor boosted insta-lockers in the fleet.  There was little chance to get in on those kills unless you had drones assigned to one of those pilots.

I did luck out and get on one kill when an Apostle undocked to get blown up for insurance.

Apostle getting hit

I almost missed out on that.  I saw the Apostle appear on my overview and it took me a moment to process the fact that somebody had undocked and wasn’t almost instantly dead.  By the time I locked the ship up the damage was well into armor.  But I was close enough to get in a few hits with my tiny whore gun and was included on the kill mail.  Somebody gunning the Keepstar did most of the damage.

After that it was more hanging out and listening to coms.  DBRB showed up for a bit and stirred people up.  After he left some new guy said he had heard about DBRB but now understood why people hated him.  I could only think, “You know nothing Jon Snow!”  That little visit was barely Boat at all.  I am very much on the pro-Boat side of things because nobody throws themselves into this game like he does and he has been leading fleets and getting kills for longer than any active FC I know.  But he is an acquired taste and a little Boat can go a long way.

Sitting around on the Keepstar

We also have the station in the system well covered.

Station bubbles? Check!

Being a tourist attraction, other fleets and individuals would show up from time to time just to look in on the event.  What looked to be a Spectre fleet showed up in Confessors and hung about for a bit, killing somebody being dumb in a Legion before heading off for greener pastures.

Confessors lurking well out of range

Not far off from the Keepstar, on the same grid, Legion of xXDEATHXx was dropping a Raitaru.

Raitaru online in seconds

I am not sure what Legion of xXDEATHXx has planned in the area, but TEST was about guarding the deployment, so they are clearly welcome in the area.

Legion of xXDEATHXx logo on the Raitaru

And then there were the CO2 members hanging out in the Keepstar looking for a way out.

I am not going to go Gevlon and claim there were no victims here, but the people in CO2 do have some options.  There is asset safety with citadels, so after some duration they can pay 15% of the assessed value of their stuff to have it delivered to a station in low sec.  That can add up quickly and  you’re still stuck in low sec and have to move your stuff around, but you can at least get your stuff… unless you have a super capital.  You can only dock a super in a citadel, not an NPC station, so some very expensive ships might be lost.

But even that can be worked around.  A number of alliances are taking in CO2 individuals and corporations.  TEST is very open and even the Imperium has picked up some members from CO2.  Back at the end of the Casino War I saw people leave the Imperium, join Pandemic Horde, rescue their stuff, then come back to the Imperium.  Some times you have to do what you have to do to get your stuff safe.

I wouldn’t want to trade places with them, but all is not lost.

While out on the camp the word came over coms that The Judge had joined Goonswarm.

The Judge

Like Haargoth Agamar before him (the guy who disbanded Band of Brothers) The Judge was take in by Goonswarm, but faces a future of relative obscurity.  As others have noted, and even Haargoth himself said before he pulled the trigger, after you do something like this it isn’t like you’re going to get a lot of positions of responsibility.  You’ve shown your colors and that is that.  He certainly won’t run for the CSM again.  He would be a distraction and would be more likely to get people to vote just to elect somebody else.  Some people have been asking if there is a way to recall him from the current CSM.

And then there is GigX.

He got himself perma banned for continuous, very public, often very specific threats to harm The Judge in real life either at his home or when he shows up in Iceland for the next CSM summit.  That goes well beyond “heat of the moment” to my mind.  He burned himself and good, though he might yet get himself reinstated with an appropriate apology and whatever amends might fit.  We shall see.

I’m somewhat pissed that he felt he had to loudly and publicly threaten The Judge and get himself banned.  It was both dumb and avoidable and it also hurt the game.

First, the end of the story was cut short.  And in null sec stories are what makes the place great.  You can blow people up anywhere, but you can only play space empires in null.  CO2 is done for now by default because GigX is gone.  We won’t know how things might have played out had he stayed in the game or what sort of recovery of might have occurred.  I wouldn’t bet against the determination of GigX, and despite some of the things he has done to his alliance, he has his share of supporters.

Second, and probably more importantly, his behavior changed the narrative in the news.  Rather than this being a story of intrigue and betrayal, it is becoming a tale about how a bad person in a bad game made real life threats and got banned.  Gamers remain horrible people as he managed to shit on all of us.  Thanks.

Welcome to the new cycle.

So I remain out on the camp, collecting participation links… I need some as I haven’t been on a fleet yet this month… and watch a lot of brand new TEST pilots undock and fly away.  I wonder what we’re going to do with the Keepstar once the temp blue situation is over?

Even Fat Bee is in a bubble

There is still work to be done, CO2 space to be carved up and conquered, new homes to be found, and a new balance of power to be sorted out.  But that will come and eventually things will settle down and events of the day will fade into memory just like the mocking bubbles spelling out LOL above the Keepstar.

Bubbles, like events, fade eventually

And yes, somebody made a giant penis out of warp disruption bubbles below the Keepstar.

Make no mistake, it is a dong

I think people… well, men… have been scrawling penises on things throughout history, so why not in this pretend dystopian future?

10 thoughts on “At the Camp in 68FT-6

  1. SynCaine

    Fully agree on the Gigx thing. It would have been interesting had he not gotten himself banned and remained in the game as an enemy to The Imperium. Perhaps someone else from CO2 will pick the banner up, but they are now so greatly diminished (tip to never-win Gevlon, this is what a defeated alliance looks like) that other than being a MoA-like little gnat, I’m not sure they would be very noticeable in a return.


  2. Dinsdale Pirannha

    You forgot to mention the cash payout the failed lawyer handed the traitor for handing over another chunk of a decent RMT machine. And the reason that PC Gamer ran the story that they did IS because Eve is filled with evil people, just like gifx, just like judge, just like mittens.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Forgot? Are you assuming I am channeling your RMT fantasies now? No, I leave those delusions to you. So GigX was running an RMT enterprise as well? Is there anybody in null sec who is not in your world view?

    I am mildly disappointing that you left CCP Nagual, who was sitting at the table when Aryth and The Judge were haggling, out of your updated narrative. Seemed like a prime opportunity to further implicate the company.


  4. zaphod6502

    I do remember Mittens drunken comments (people tend to show their true colours when they are smashed) against another guy in the game. He was allowed back in to the game after a cooling off period and a public apology.

    I assume the same would apply to gigX if he chooses to want back in? I know nothing about gigX or what type of personality he is.


  5. Dinsdale Pirannha

    zaphod6502, you have to understand, there is one set of rules for opponents of the goons, and goons themselves. CCP has a track record of covering for the goon leader. gigx will only be brought back if the goons OK it.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Dins – Yes, we’ve seen your manifesto about how Goons run CCP. I encourage other’s to read it in order to gauge how seriously they should take you.

    @zaphod6502 – I get the whole “in vino veritas” thing, but what does it say about somebody who isn’t drunk and goes on and on and on about finding somebody to harm them in real life? There is the flash of anger moment, but when you’re still on that kick beyond the 30 minute mark and you’re still raging and trying to find their home address and saying they’ll need protection if they dare show up for the next CSM meeting, are you past the shock and into the real person yet? Or is anger a pass?

    Anyway, I don’t think GigX’s case is beyond hope.


  7. SynCaine

    Also pretending that saying ‘maybe go kill yourself?” to someone who initiated the event and pretended to already be suicidal for attention, is the same as “I’m going to find you and cut your hands off” is fairly comical, alcohol involvement aside. Hopefully CCP does reinstate Gigx (maybe Mittens can make the call to CCP, right loony bin Grrr Gooners?), but if they don’t its understandable given the massive difference in severity of the events.


  8. Absence of Substance

    Hehe so the Drama Llama swings by. Fabulous entertainment not? Nice post, a couple of points if I may:

    1)The betrayal makes for a fantastic narrative – with commensurate marketing potential for the game. Pity about the gigx IRL behaviour. I cannot wonder though, for the average line members whether the game would have been better had the betrayal not happened? Seems like CO2 and frenemies had a pretty good war going – content for thousands of little guys. Not criticising this way or that, just wondering

    2)Gigx’s antics really is a shame – for the reasons you stated (eve in disrepute, seriously dents CO2 going forward).

    On the one hand I hope he gets reinstated. Yes, you are correct, his behaviour is not on. On the other hand I seriously doubt that he really intended any actual physical RL harm to the judge – internet tough guy and all that.

    On the other hand, where gigx is concerned the guy wasn’t well liked by a lot of us. I was in a corp in the TNT alliance shortly before the infamous CO2 “reset”. In the weeks leading up to “the reset” our corp had daily gate camps in M-0EE8. Here we are actively defending CO2 space (in a focal system) and then one day gigx and friends undock to kill (awoks) our gatecamp because he (gigx) did not like it. (Oh the irony of accusing the rest of Goonswarm for not helping CO2 later on….)

    There was some diplomatic fallout about this and our corp was, shall I say, less than impressed with the things Gigx (and the Judge for that matter) said and did in the diplomatic channels. Nasty pieces of work.

    Not that this should be an argument to NOT reinstate gigx – just saying the guy should probably not be the poster boy for EVE recruitment if a “decent person” image is what we are after…

    Happy camping!!


  9. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    The camp is over. After a few days of TEST trying to recruit former CO2 corps while at the same time joining in on the camp, they decided to focus on the recruiting part. Progodlegend has declared that all are welcome in TEST, save for the evil advisors who made up the Balkan Mafia corporation and who steered GigX to this end. Or so he says.

    @Absence of Substance – Oh yeah, I do not have many fond memories of living next door to CO2 in Tribute and recall a few instances of GigX bitching about us shooting hostiles in his space, including the incident to which you refer. And I was on a titan waiting to bridge in with another reinforcement fleet as the battle in M-OEE8 raged when CO2 changed sides on us. So I am no fan of his. But that is all in-game. If he can just keep himself confined to that sphere, he can be whatever he wants to be.


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