April Fools at Blizzard 2021 is a Very Quiet Affair

It is once again the first of April, that day of fools, beloved by few, hated by some, and ignored by most. Its arrival means it is time for yet another peek over at Blizzard to see what they are up to.

So I got online and checked their various web sites and whatever they have up for news in the launcher, and there wasn’t much there to spot.

In fact, the only thing I saw was in the World of Warcraft forums.

Over on the Azeroth front there is the usual joke patch notes are up in the forums, an April Fools staple, featuring a proposed new raid, class changes, new professions, and more, all wrapped up in some pop culture references.

The most consistent Blizzard April Fools feature

Otherwise there was nothing else I could spot.  Blizzard has followed their usual plan of avoiding posting any news lest it be construed as an April Fools prank.  Even the start of the next Diablo III season is set for tomorrow.  I can’t even find the old April Fools archive page on their site now, though they did reorganize the whole thing, so it might still be in there somewhere.

Of course, it is early in the day still, so I’ll check back to see if anything else gets posted.  And, if I have missed anything, you can drop a note in the comments.


Not from Blizzard, but related, Carbot has a video announcing their Diablo II skin pack, a mock follow on to the real StarCraft Cartooned skin pack from two years back.

If that isn’t enough, you can still revel in some April Fools humor from Blizzard, with elaborate new features or whole new games, you will have to go back to previous years.

Past April Fools

Meanwhile, over in the world of EVE Online, they have an April Fools post up that rather twists the knife for a long requested feature; a gate from low sec to the Stain region.  Bittersweet that one is.

7 thoughts on “April Fools at Blizzard 2021 is a Very Quiet Affair

  1. bhagpuss

    The Valheim one is well-observed although that weird mis-spelling of “Feature” puzzles me. Is it a glaring error or a joke I’m not getting?

    Also, given that I can think of a couple of mmorpgs off the top of my head where you can play as a deer, it’s maybe not so far-fetched as they think it is.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – I want to say “typo” but my brain keeps trying to make some other word out of it. Maybe it makes sense if you’re Swedish, and being about an eighth such I can only see a fraction of it.


  3. PCRedbeard

    To be fair, I thought the cartoon skin pack looked really nice. I could get behind that.

    And the Valheim one is kind of a Norse Mythology meets Hindu reincarnation mashup. I’d just like to see that deer chop down a tree. I’d drink a beer for that.


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