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Per Cuppy’s request, this is where I spend most of my time online.

The table is unusually clear in this picture

Here you see my Dell 20″ LCD monitor, the requisite Logitech G15 keyboard, my new Plantronics 510 headset (a topic for another post), some Logitech speakers, my Kensignton Expert Mouse (also another topic), and some other minor items all arrayed on a sturdy folding table that I bought at Service Merchandise well over 20 years ago.  I agree with Brent that nothing beats a good, solid, flat surface.  I just got it in white rather than faux wood grain. It replaced the table on my gaming rig at the time, seen here:

I am sure I’ll never use this picture again…

Oooh, Wizardy!  Dual floppies!  And check out that CH Products joystick!

Next to the table I have something that is probably not in your home office, a seven foot tall 19″ rack.

Check out my rack!

I have to reconfigure it to my office at our new house.  I just squeezed it in to my office a couple weeks back, so you can see I still have stuff plugged into the power strip on my table.  I should be able to get another shelf set at the bottom to hold the big, purple, Alienware CPU sitting on the floor beside the rack and then the subwoofer can move under the table.

Here is my co-pilot who keeps my lap warm and provides plenty of kitty hair to get into the keyboard and fans.

Felix reclines

His name is Felix and he enjoys standing in front of my monitor during boss fights.  You can see a little discoloration on the chair behind him where his brother, Oscar, threw up on my chair the other day.  Bleh.

Things you do not see in these pictures:

  • 14 banker’s boxes still full of stuff from moving
  • 3 six foot tall book cases on the wall opposite the computer
  • One of our litter boxes
  • A Shredder
  • My LEGOs
  • A closet trying to contain 25+ years worth of crap


I couldn’t compete with Brent’s stack of MMO boxes, since some of mine are still packed away, so on the desk, above my track ball, you can see the original EverQuest manual that was printed up when the primary partner was 989 Studios.  You need a 3D card with 4MB of RAM to run the game!

The red pen under my monitor is, in fact, a special “Welcome to Strongbadia” pen, a special bonus that went with something I ordered from Homestar Runner.  It features The Cheat in his tire who moves back and forth as you tilt the pen.

By request, here is the desktop picture shown on my screen.

EVE Online Jump Gate

Click on it to see it full size.

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  1. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, we just poured concrete in our backyard yesterday, so any bodies are… safe.

    No shredder? Aren’t they scaring you with identity theft and such up there?


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