Dares of Middle-earth vol. I

Adventurers can’t be out slaying the forces of the Dark Lord, the minions of the White Hand, or random creatures of nature all the time.  To pass the free hours, the game “Truth or Dare” is mildly popular.

And adventurers, being who they are, generally decline to tell the truth and fear no dare.

Here are some dares from recent games.

Run Around Gondamon In Your Underwear…


…until somebody notices.

Piss Off A Hobbit…


…until he goes for reinforcements.

Imitate Tom Bombadil…


…until you scream.

Sprint Through The Old Forest…


…waving an axe.

2 thoughts on “Dares of Middle-earth vol. I

  1. Melmoth

    Dare you to walk into the Prancing Pony and yell “Bartender! Some Darnassian bleu and a flagon of your finest Aerie Peak pale ale”.


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