Farewell to Unrest as We Head West

We have been haunting the Estate of Unrest for about a week now.

It is a place filled with memories and danger.  It is dangerous both to the lower levels on the periphery of the zone and to the mighty who attempt to tame the basement.

Usually takes a Balrog to bring this guy down

When things are not so crowded, Potshot and I have been very successful inside the Manor.  At least when we have stayed around towards the back.  Towards the front we have been involved with a few epic trains.

The back door avoids regularly scheduled trains

The whole group has managed to get into level 18 so far.

However, on the more crowded evenings… which is most evenings, we often end up on the periphery kill green con death beetles and anything not gray that pops up.

As I mentioned before, crowding does seem to be an issue and even Thom Terrazas, the EQ Producer, jokes about it in the latest EQ Producer’s Letter.

Battle by the Gazebo

That leads to very slow progress.  And I, personally, am starting to get a bit itchy to hit level 20.

Not that level 20 is as magic as it once was… you can still get a last name at 20, right?… but it is a milestone and we haven’t made a lot of progress since Najena.  Or at least it feels that way, though that could just be a case of double experience weekend hang-over.

So we decided to bid farewell to the Estate of Unrest and look for greener, or less crowded, pastures.

Give us a hug before you go!

The plan, so far, is to meet up back in Freeport and then take the southern loop through the Desert of Ro, Innothule Swamp, the Feerrott, the Rathe Mountains, and into Lake Rathetear where will will bind at the arena.  That should give us access to the Rathe Mountains, Lake Rathetear, and South Karana for hunting options.

How crowded things will be there we shall see.  The spaces are wider at least.

So last night’s project was just to head to Freeport.

I did swing by Kelethin just to take a peek.

City in the Trees

Looking at that screen shot, the volumetric fog seems to be part of the environment.  I wonder why it seems to have been removed from the Plains of Karana, Surefall Glade, and other places around Qeynos.

I managed to find the spell Levitate for Thrall in Kelethin.  I had been unable to find it in Freeport and we are a long way from Qeynos.  The vendors in Kelethin also seemed to be much more favorably disposed towards Tistann and Thrall compared to the reception in Kaladim.

After that, it was off to the docks in Butcherblock for the trip across the Ocean of Tears.

Waiting for the boat

I did the return trip the old fashioned way, via the boat.  I managed not to fall off the boat this time and the trip was uneventful.

I am now bound in Freeport.  Potshot reports that his characters are likewise.  Our next adventure will be the southern route safari.

4 thoughts on “Farewell to Unrest as We Head West

  1. Troy

    My guys turned 17th this morning. Actually, my ranger did last night and then for some typical EQ madness a blue conned mob would not get off my druid and he died — thus pushing his “dinging” onto this morning.

    Anyway, my two guys are itching for new areas to explore. I tried High Pass, and although a bit low, it seems they botched re-modeling the zone. A camp that used to be always populated now is empty — thus telling me it sucks.

    I am looking for something in the final teens to early 20s as well — maybe the aviaks? Not sure.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Bhagpuss

    In my opinion you just can’t beat South Karana from the mid-teens right into the low 30s (although obviously I’d never suggest anyone do ALL those levels there).

    The treehouse is an absolute classic, as are the Splitpaw spires. Then there’s the Hermit, the treant two-spawn, some bandit camps on the river, the undead camp where Grimrot spawns, and even the Centaur village for the really brave.

    Then of course there are roamers all over the zone for you tracking and fast-running types to chase down, including a whole bunch of semi-rare, rare and extremely rare nameds. There’s not one but two cyclops, a live one and an undead one and who knows what else. Never a dull moment in South Karana.

    Anyone know which version of Splitpaw is on Fippy? Presumably the revamped “classic” version with mobs in the 20s and 30s, not he original low-level version that was about the same level as Blackburrow and which I never saw? It was there when I first played but I never went in it before they changed it, sadly.


  3. Snick

    I was wondering the same thing about Temple of Cazic Thule as Bhag is thinking about Splitpaw. I think they revamped ToCT somewhere around Velious release, I never saw the original which was low-level oriented. It would be the other way around from Freeport, through Innothule Swamp and The Feerott, which could be a fun trip..


  4. Troy

    I am heading to South Karana tonight. Was there a couple levels earlier, but at that point most things were yellow or red.

    Anyone know if Treants have druid faction?


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