Chainmail Fae – Tier 3

Blintz, having hit level 25 as an armorer, showing the full chainmail fae swashbuckler look.

Full Tier 3 Chain

It took 130 items to get to level 25.

I think the Greek helm look is much better than the little skull cap of tier 2, which you can see in the previous post.

I also had a weaponsmith make me up a couple of new blades, one with some steel I harvested.  Unfortunately, there has been a change and I cannont wield or wear rare equipment until level 22.

5 thoughts on “Chainmail Fae – Tier 3

  1. Ohgr

    I saw your previous post with how you’ve completed like 1,500 quests and killed 59k mobs by level 18… that’s hardcore!

    I always really liked the look of a full set of one type of armor, and when they announced pre-launch that they were implementing the WoW-esque armor sets, I was really hoping that would include player crafted armor as well; unfortunately, it seems the crafters got the shaft again. I hope they change that in a future patch.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I’m not too worked up about crafters not getting much more in the way of armor sets. With the rare harvest sets being so good already, you have to be careful handing out more. Of course, I did armor crafting in pre-Kunark EQ. You could sneeze and get a better armor drop than anything I could make back then, so my expectations are a bit low.

    On how armor sets look though… that is one thing that does grate in EQ2. As long as you have a full set of something, you look great, but mix and match and you look silly.


  3. Silverstep

    There are a lot of people who pride themselves on their mix and matched sets of armor, bright green pants with a ‘matching’ dark purple top and cool blue shoes with some sort of animal on their head is the mixture my fury typically wears *giggles* very fashionable in Qeynos let me assure you ;)


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    Well, that is just the carbonite set. If the price of steel wasn’t through the roof on my server (70g was the cheapest last I looked) I would go for the full rare set.

    On the mix and match, some people do like the “one piece from each bin” look. I tend to prefer a more integrated look, but I have yet to choose looks over stats, so I’ll end up mix and match in the end.

    My pally has a full suit of ebon and a cedar shield. He looks like the black knight.


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