Shut Up We’re Talking #36

Shut Up We’re Talking” one of the podcasts in the VirginWorlds Podcast Collective now has episode Thirty-Six available.

Regular hosts, Darren from The Common Sense Gamer and Karen from Journeys with Jaye, were joined by the well modulated Phillip (aka Crovan) of the Drone Bay and Warpath podcasts and myself.


  • Introductions
  • Listener Mail – From Gnova and SwollenBeef
  • What we’re playing (EQ2, EVE, WAR, WOW)
  • ZOMG! Zombies!! – We talk about Blizzard’s recent zombie event that was part of their build up to the Wrath of the Lich King launch and how a good idea went bad in some cases when players acted like… well… players.  That whole X Factor thing.  Primarily driven by Lume the Mad’s post on the subject.
  • MMO Design – Prompted by a Curt Schilling post on Fires of Heaven forums and then on his own site, we discuss MMO features that we want to see implemented and rock solid on day one, things that have not been done well in the past, and Curt’s own answer about wanting to “feel heroic on day 1, minute 1, until I am done playing the game.”
  • Blog of the WeekMiner with Fangs (also a member of the EVE Blog Pack)
  • The Mandatory pimping of show sponsors – plus some talk about VirginWorlds fund raising goals.
  • Out Takes – Includes me talking about Warhammer Online and my current issues with EverQuest II.

The show runs one hour and eleven minutes and you can get it here as well as via iTunes

Another fine Darren production!

3 thoughts on “Shut Up We’re Talking #36

  1. syncaine

    I liked your bit at the end of the podcast, gives a good insight on your approach to an MMO. Oddly enough, I was expecting more ‘rant’ given what Darren said about it at the beginning, but instead it was just a good breakdown.

    Quality show overall, as always.


  2. smakendahed

    Just a comment about your 15 hours to get from 14 to 15. You were grouped the whole time right? I think Mythic screwed up the group code for XP. It’s almost like there is no bonus or something.

    Anyway, just pointing that out and, no, I don’t think it excuses them. I actually hit a similar wall at around 19-20. I had done all the T2 content for the faction I was in and didn’t really want to go to another faction and ruin that so I pushed on to T3. Despite it being tougher, the XP really wasn’t any better until they tweaked it with a patch.

    Really, I think WAR could have been a great game if it wasn’t a MMO and focused solely on conquering areas without a level system. I’d really like to see a persistant world type RVR game. A game where people pick a faction and go to war with their enemies. Working their way from one keep in a region to another until they storm the enemy’s city and on winning, everything resets to a neutral or balanced state and it starts over.

    Again, not a MMO and no subscription. Sort of like a FPS.


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