EverQuest for Mac Saved?

More tweets from Chairman Smed:

Back on January 30th, as part of the EverQuest Free to Play announcement, the closing of EverQuest for Macintosh was part of the collateral damage.

Now, however, it looks like it may live on still, and as a truly free to play experience to boot.

This is truly amazing… and I would say almost unprecedented… news.

I will be interested to see the details when they emerge.  I do hope this will mean EQMac.com will continue to be available.  It is a source of much arcane lore from the bygone days of the game.

(Hat tip to Omali who was watching Twitter more closely than I!)

5 thoughts on “EverQuest for Mac Saved?

  1. flosch

    That is great news. If it is true, I’m tempted to go and find the EQmac software somewhere, just to try it out. EQmac seems to be a place truly stuck in time.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    We have a Mac at our house that is up to spec, so I am tempted at some point to at least peek into the game.

    I must admit that I took a screen shot of that tweet, just in case it turned out to be Smedley drunk tweeting or something. It seemed so unlikely that I was afraid it would vanish in the morning.


  3. bhagpuss

    It’s had the unbelievable and unprecedented side-effect of a comment thread on Massively filled with people saying nice things not just about SoE but about Smedley himself!

    I am hesitant even to suggest it, but the past few months seem to suggest that someone, somewhere in SoE Towers has finally begun to work out the difference between good and bad publicity.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – Indeed, there has been a general outpouring of good feelings… with a few grumbles about SWG getting closed from people who want to blame SOE rather than Lucas.

    I personally remain cautiously optimistic. As I said in the post, I really want to see the details before I cheer with unbridled enthusiasm. My long experience with SOE leads me to expect that other shoe to drop.

    We shall see if there is something in the final announcement like “character creation will be turned off,” or “the server will only run on alternate Sundays and Tuesdays” or the like.

    At the minimum, I expect the server will have a “do not resuscitate” sticker placed on it in the server farm, so when it goes down it will be gone for good.


  5. wizardling

    I still don’t know why the PC client for Al’Kabor isn’t released. We know from GM comments that it exists for their use to assist players, and that would surely bump up it’s population.


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