EVE Trivial Stats Feed

I love statistics, both trivial and profound.  Numbers, stats, ratios, Venn diagrams, I find delight in such.

And so it was that as soon as I learned of @CCP_Diagoras Twitter feed, I had to follow it.

The prime purpose of his feed appears to be to toss out random (or requested) bits of data about EVE Online.

Sometimes the data is too obscure for me, but most of the time it is of interest.  And the tidbits are always extra special when they hit close to home.  For example, two of today’s tweets:

Hey, I am part of that statistic!  I have blown people up in VFK this month!

The CFC capital is a happening place I guess.  Lots of guests dropping in uninvited.

And my first PvP death ever was in M-OEE8.

And while it didn’t happen this month, I have been blown up in Rancer!  It is a low sec system that cuts travel time between Caldari and Minmatar space by quite a few jumps.  And as such, it is often camped.

Anyway, if you feel you are not getting enough EVE Online trivia, there is another source for you.


Oh, yeah, the high sec systems.  I know all of these well.

Such fun.  I still have a metric ton of crap in Hageken.  That used to be my home.

Interesting that the deaths for high, low, and null sec are so close for the top 5 systems.

5 thoughts on “EVE Trivial Stats Feed

  1. pkudude99

    I hope you haven’t ever been and never will be popped in EC-P8R. You have an intel channel devoted solely to that system, after all. . . . .


  2. Serpentine Logic

    Hageken, Akonoinen and Autaris are systems where Red vs Blue has their eternal war. It’s not representative of the rest of highsec.


  3. Latrodanes

    Got me thinking: Why did RvB move up to Ak/Hag anyway? It used to be such a quiet neighborhood, moss on the trees, kids on tricycles, and hardly a pilot to be seen.


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