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August in Review

The Site

I knew this day would come.

I just did not think it would take so long to get here.

Back in February this site was declared influential and listed on the Say100 list. (Which now appears to be the Say110 list, but whatever.)

This month however, somebody finally figured out that I was probably not so influential… or knowledgeable… or interesting… and I was bumped off the list.

Surprisingly, since I appeared to be the obvious answer to the “one of these things doesn’t belong” question, I was not alone.

Keen & Graev, who actually kind of write about games and have opinions and stuff, as opposed to my own “here is what I did Saturday afternoon online” style, got the axe as well, along with a Veteran of Female Geekdom… whatever that means, the Say100 people made up those titles, not the bloggers… who also seems to at least be much more professional than I.

Those Delisted

At least we’re on something of an “emeritus picks” or “past mistakes” list.

Among those elevated to the official list were Heartless_, now dubbed a ‘Gaming Analyst.”

Shouldn’t that be “Heartless_” ?

Congratulations Heartless_ Gamer!

As for the influence the site had on me… well… in looking at the traffic to and from the Say100 site, I appear to have sent more people their way than they did mine.  But that was mostly because WordPress.com picked me as one of their Freshly Pressed sites of the day, so a lot of people came to visit and followed my links.

Frankly though, if they hadn’t sent me an email announcing the site, I probably would have never seen it.

Life on the internet.  It is a very big place.

One Year Ago

Let’s see… a year ago people were hating on GameStop for selling used games, which was equated with stealing.  That was before GameStop actually started officially stealing.

Massive Blips went away.  I miss it.

I made my position on raspberries perfectly clear.

Yahoo had a couple game related lists.  I love lists.

Cryptic and Atari announced they were doing the game Neverwinter.  How’s that working out for you?

And Runic started talking about Torchlight II.  They are still talking about it, but at least we know it will be $20 when it ships.

Stunt Rock.  I need say no more.

EverQuest Next was announced at Fan Faire, and I was wondering about the lessons SOE has learned after a few turns of the EverQuest wheel.

In the real world, boars were starting to become more like their MMO counterparts.

WoW account hacking was still a big deal, though getting to be common enough as to not be news on an individual level any more.  People have their views on whose fault it is.  But was any game facing as much account hacking as WoW?

My daughter got into the WoW Cataclysm beta.  She got me some screen shots of StormwindSouthshore and the Barrens.  This, by the way, probably killed her interest in Cata when it finally did ship.

Blizzard got a serious judgement against somebody running a for-profit WoW pirate server.

The instance group, done in WoW and on the now usual summer hiatus, was spending some time in Middle-earth, which required a bit of selling.  We made it through Othrongroth, and to the North Downs and the Lone Lands.  I finally found my way to Evendim, which I had never  managed to visit before.  It was in a state of change, pre-quest revamp but after they added in the boat routes.

And, finally, in EVE Online, there was the PLEX story we had all been waiting for.

New Linking Blogs

I would like to thank the following site for linking here.

Please take a moment to visit them in return.

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Search Terms of the Month


[Why would a URL search for that bring you here… unless you’re Bob and checking on who is linking to you.  If so, Hi Bob! *takes a drink*]

what is a tanker

[This showed up about 48 times in the last week, yet somehow people skipped this and came to my site]

Spam Comments of the Month

Wow, {amazing|wonderful|awesome|incredible|marvelous|superb|fantastic} blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you {make|made} blogging look easy. The overall look of your {site|web site|website} is {great|wonderful|fantastic|magnificent|ex…

[Nice when somebody gives you options]

This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace….

[A couple dozen Zune spams showed up… and here I thought the Zune was pretty much dead.]

Civilization V

Raptr says that I have spent more time playing Civilization V in the last week than any other game by a fair margin.  And Raptr fails to notice I am playing a good chunk of the time (but it never misses an opportunity to announce I am playing Sims Social!), with Steam reporting a total play time about 25% higher than Raptr.  And since Steam actually controls the game (which still makes me itch) I’m going to give them the nod.

Civ V is certainly growing on me of late… though the game has been out for almost a year and I bought it at launch.  Some of that is from the fact that enough bugs have been fixed that the game is actually playable, though some really obvious ones are still hanging around. (Like, don’t tell me to “Please Wait” when what you really mean is “You have a unit that has not used all of its moves yet and I am waiting for you to deal with that.”)  All of this means that somewhere there is a post coming about the game that will no doubt compare it to the previous games in the series.  You have been warned.

Lord of the Rings Online

The only long-haul MMO I am playing at the moment, if you will pardon that description.  You either get what I mean by that or you don’t, I suppose.  Moria was reached, a long held goal finally achieved.  Which meant it was time to go back and play some of my alts.  Revamped Evendim is my current fascination, and I am determined to see it all, though I couldn’t tell you why.  But I have three alts in the mid-30s now, all focused on that zone.

Three members of the instance group, which is still on Summer hiatus, have been grouping up to run through Middle-earth on Saturday nights.  We too are in Evendim.  That seems to have been the theme for August.

Need for Speed World

This has replaced World of Tanks as my “other” game of late.  I generally get on most nights to do the gem hunt.  I have a new car, the tier 2 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which is fast and innocuous.  I painted it gray to blend in with the NPC hatchbacks that look the same at a distance.  It goes much faster than my 240SX.  I hit 177 MPH on the freeway (though somehow the police still manage to pass me in their Dodges).

On the other hand, when I do multiplayer races, I get stuck going up against people in Porches and Lamborghinis.  The Escort is good, but not that good, and I am nowhere good enough to make up the gap, so I end up losing badly a lot. That in turn has kind of killed the multiplayer aspect of the game for me.

So my main motivation for continuing to play is to gain levels to open up new areas in which to engage in police chases.


On Facebook I have been playing Zynga’s Empires & Allies, which is interesting for a couple of reasons.  This game is clearly another evolution of the Zynga model that has moved forward from FarmVille and it actually has some mild, traditional game-like aspects to it with goals to accomplish.  There is still a huge amount of “bug your friends for stuff,” though you can avoid a lot of that.  Except for liberty bonds, which you need to expand your land.  I am always short of those, so friend me and send me some!  Screw the mystery gifts and the energy drinks, I need more space!

The other game I have been trying on Facebook is The Sims Social.  EA clearly has some work to do to keep up with Zynga, because there are annoying aspects to the game that the Zynga crew solved months ago for their own products.  (See Tolbold for some points on that.) And EA needs to, you know, make the game actually work reliably and consistently because they are taking money for it.

Oh, and then I need to figure out why anybody finds this game fun, because I find it quite tedious.  Sure, the first few minutes were fun, but then I had to go to the bathroom.  And shower.  And eat.  And sleep.  Even having fun seems to be work.  I suppose I should be happy I am not forced to make pizzas in a virtual sweatshop ala The Sims Online, but being glad things are not worse is not a big selling point.  Playing an obsessive hand washing simulator just isn’t as fun as it sounds.

I remember Gary Gannon talking on Massively Online Gamer (a long dead podcast) about a friend who used to lure other Sims to the house she built just to lock them in the basement and leave them to starve to death.  How do I do that in The Sims Social?  Or should I be looking for The Sims Sociopath?

Coming Up

The summer hiatus for the instance group should be coming to a close once the weather hits us with one last blast of heat and then starts to cool.  Then we will be back to trying to figure out what to play.  Is Star Wars: The Old Republic out yet?  Diablo III?  Torchlight 2?  Guild Wars 2?  TERA?  Anything?

I have been telling myself I am should be writing more about our current adventures in Middle-earth.  Maybe I will.  I should.  I might.  But motivation is low right now.

Civilization V.  Something about that coming up I am sure.  And one on how EA has taken all the joy out of its game Lord of Ultima.  Not that there was a ton of joy to start with, but it was a solid little game that they managed to royally screw up.

I am also building up to a weekend post about eReaders, along with one about what I am reading and why it annoys me.

And I have some sort of anniversary post to do next month.  I need a title with a pun or obscure media reference that uses the number five.

March in Review

The Site

For no good reason, March has seen the most traffic ever come to the site.  You might think that, perhaps, it had something to do with the Say 100 recognition I received last month.

It did not.

I have been watching closely to see if the Say 100 site would drive any more traffic this way.

Over the last month, looking at referral sources, Say 100 is down in 26th place.  Over the last 30 days it sent me about half as much traffic Facebook, but about twice as much as Twitter.

Lest you think that those numbers are significant, all combined they barely wander into the territory of three digit numbers.  Comments I have left on SynCaine’s blog over the last 30 days have generated more traffic.

No, traffic really finds its way here via Google.

I posted about Pokemon several times this month and Pokemon is more popular than any MMO yet.  Plus Pokemon has, as far as I can tell, only a tiny fraction of sites devoted to it compared to something like World of Warcraft.  So people end up here.

EverQuest? The quest is to obtain me!

If all you care about is page views, stop talking about WoW, Rift, and EverQuest and start reporting on Pokemon.

All hail the mighty Pokemons, generators of web traffic!

Meanwhile, I calculate via the various metrics I have at my disposal that I have about 100 regular readers when it comes right down to it, including my mom and my wife.  Which is actually pretty good in my opinion.  A few of the regulars come for the Pokemon updates, so I will continue to indulge them.

But basically 93-97% of the people who make it here on a given day look at the site once, maybe get the information they were looking for, and jet off never to be heard from again.

Still, I think back about 20 years to when I ran a BBS, when that term meant a computer with a modem attached that random strangers dialed into, when I held the exalted title of SysOp, and the ratio of regulars/contributors to… well, we used to call them leeches… was about the same.  The numbers are just a few orders of magnitude larger here on the web and I do not get as many messages asking me for “waerz” or porn.

Except for blood elf porn I suppose.

One Year Ago

With the March 2010 month in review I was able to announce that the site had passed the one million page view mark.  A minor milestone.  I even gave people a peek at the numbers.  I’m holding out for two million page views for the next peek.  Don’t hold your breath.

FarmVille.  We all tried it as research for Shut Up We’re Talking #60.  We didn’t inhale.

I ran through GDC and had dinner.

I was waxing nostalgic for Rome.

EA was saying very stupid things about how many subscribers Star Wars: The Old Republic would need.  It is never too early to set the bar for failure.

I was also wondering about greater challenges in MMOs.  Must all paths be equally easy?

I held an April Fools contest, which got a few entries.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver launched and, after some delay,  I was picking that initial Pokemon.

I was still investing in Star Trek Online… I was trying…. well, they were giving us lifetime subscribers some perks.

The instance group was beginning to embrace the Dungeon Finder.  However, we found we still had to do a chunk of external legwork to prepare for our Sunken Temple run.  I also got a chopper along the way, on my birthday no less.

And, finally, that whole Derek Smart/Alganon thing was just kicking off.

New Linking Sites

I could only find two this month.  I may have to break out the “I can’t find any new linking sites” plan next month.

In the mean time  I would like to thank the following site for linking here.

Please take a moment to visit them in return!

Random Shout Out

Go look at this video over at Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Some day I want to create something that excellent.  I want to have that video projected constantly on the walls of my office as I work.

First I need to figure out time lapse photography and how to take pictures that actually look like what I see with my own eyes.

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Most Common Search Terms of the Month

Even Pokemon can’t keep elf porn totally under control.

  1. how to get zorua
  2. blitzle
  3. pokemon white download
  4. gamestop celebi
  5. celebi gamestop
  6. pokemon black download
  7. zorua
  8. blood elf porn
  9. how to get victini in pokemon black and white
  10. pokemon black and white victini
  11. pokemon black and white download
  12. elf porn

Search Terms of the Month

tom of finland pumping
[Mention Tom of Finland just once and you’re on the gay porn search returns]

テーブル imac
[日本語!!! 探求?]

Where I Spent My Gaming Time

From Raptr, which seems to have a problem detecting when some games launch and which still, totally does not count Lord of Ultima and there is no way for it to count my Pokemon hours.  Still, for what it can count, here is the ranking.

  1. EverQuest – 79%
  2. Civilization V – 12 %
  3. World of Warcraft – 8%
  4. World of Tanks – 1%

Quite a drop off in WoW time.  I spent more time with Civ V, which has had a couple of very helpful patches.

EVE Online

Account lapsed.  It makes me wonder how long I can keep up the EVE Online Pictures site.  Contest entries will get me through July at my current rate of posting, but after that, I might have to resubscribe.  But I hear there will be pretty new backgrounds in space by then.


So this is where I have been spending my time.  We made it past the 30 day marker, so are in for another month at least.

Play has been both constrained and not constrained.  We don’t have the set “3 hours on a Saturday night” sole play period the way we do with the main instance group.  We play when we can.  That our adventures are about seeing and reliving a world from 1999, that works… if slowly.  An EverQuest chat forum linked here to point and laugh at the fact that Potshot and I had not even made level 20 yet.  We are obviously not serious.

But there are, as Potshot put it, interesting choices to be made.

Of course, because we are having fun, the thought keeps creeping into my head about getting the whole instance group over to EQ.  I am not sure that would work on Fippy Darkpaw though.  3 hours a week isn’t enough for that.  But maybe the standard EQ Live servers, with their speedier level progress and things to explore like the Lost Dunegons of Norrath expansion, would work.  More things to research.

World of Tanks

I haven’t spent much time with World of Tanks.  The EverQuest obsession has taken over my excess online gaming hours.  Still, I do look forward to the launch next month.  It is one of those things where I know the wipe is coming and I’ve already decided I am going to play, so I am not so interested in investing in my account any more until launch.  I am still undecided about pre-ordering.

World of Warcraft

One of the instance group members has been under a deadline, so we ended up not playing much WoW, leading to play time reports like this:

Playtime for 20 Mar 2011 – 26 Mar 2011
Date/Time of Login Date/Time of Signoff* Minutes Played

24 Mar 2011 – 24 Mar 2011 05:29 PM – 4 min

Four minutes of WoW over the course of a whole week.  Of course the accuracy of the reporting system is +/- 5 minutes, so I might have been on for -1 minutes I suppose.

I think I logged on to buy the dual spec option for Maloney and then spec’d fire, so he can now swap between frost and fire.


Pokemon Black and White.  Have I mentioned them before?  I was hoping that the online component would be live by now, since that will heavily influence the long term stickiness of the game for myself and my daughter.  However, events have pushed that back.  Still, it is a good Pokemon game when viewed through the traditional lens.


More EverQuest.  Or at least I hope more EverQuest.  Today’s semi-confirmed rumors won’t mean shutting down Norrath, but I am going to guess that list of outstanding problems on the progression servers are not going to get addressed any time soon.  It is a sad day.

I have been playing so much EQ and collecting so many screen shots that I have been thinking of creating an EverQuest picture site like my EVE Online Pictures blog.  I am not sure how viable that is though.  EVE really lends itself to postcards, EQ is more about nostalgia.  Plus I never go any place epic in Norrath.  How many more Blackburrow pictures does the internet need?  Still, I would join in on a collaborative effort on that front.

I am also going to make my daughter write a review of the new game she has been playing, Animal Jam, which she claims is totally better than Club Penguin.

I will apparently be finishing up the post about explaining EverQuest to my daughter, as that is the leader in the polls right now.  I am surprised by the fact that “More EVE Heresies” is in second place.  Really?  Do some people just want me to make them angry when they jump to the comments and complain that they think I am essentially saying that EVE should be more like WoW?  Could be.  It would give SynCaine something to do.

Oh, and tomorrow is some sort of special day I hear.  We shall see what that brings.

February in Review

The Site

I guess the big thing for the site this month has been the the Say100 recognition.

That was quite a surprise to me.  And it brought a lot of traffic to the blog, though not in the way you think.

I do get a referral or two a day from the Say 100 site.  They put all of my posts in their feed.  But they also put up the posts from Joystiq, Destructoid, and Games Radar, so my few posts a week kind of disappear in that mix.

No, WordPress.com sent me all the resulting traffic.  The blog was featured again on the Freshly Pressed front page.

That sent me enough traffic to finally remove Paul the Octopus from the “most traffic in one day” throne.  A World Cup winner picking cephalopod and cats playing patty cake are no match for the web referencing itself.

It was actually a banner month for traffic here, with the highest average page views per day so far and the most page views ever for a single month.  Not bad for a 28 day stretch.

The other big contributor was the team at Wargaming.net who linked my post reviewing World of Tanks, or at least my view of the open beta, on their Facebook page.  So there is a free tip if you are desperate to drive some traffic to your site, go write something about World of Tanks.

Of course, these traffic spikes are mostly one-time viewers.  Writing about EverQuest for a week straight showed the more steady stream of regular visitors, as EQ doesn’t bring out that much excitement.  Still, after each of these spikes, the overall page view average goes up ever so slightly, so a few people stick around.

One Year Ago

We learned SynCaine’s dirty secret.

I was invited to go play in the beta for the web based Crown of Byzantus.  It didn’t really stick with me, though I wrote about it a couple of times.

There was another press release or some such for a Wheel of Time MMO.  My call: It isn’t going to happen.

Ten Ton Hammer made a list of their Top Ten PvP MMOs, and there was some chagrin that Ultima Online didn’t make the cut.

For reasons I cannot recall, Omali started looking into how MMO companies ranked over at the Better Business Bureau.

There was an announcement for this new game… World of Tanks!  Hey, almost a year later I got to try it!

In World of Warcraft, the instance group got as far as Zul’Farrak in our horde adventures, though we were still forgetting we could use the Dungeon Finder.  Otherwise we were running around doing holiday events and the like.

Oh, the Dungeon Finder.  My first runs with that were… not so good.  I seemed to run into some cliche bad groups.

Meanwhile, WoW decided to emulate WebKinz and start selling stuffed animals that had codes for in-game versions.  Did anybody buy one of those?

And the Azeroth Advisor went buh-bye.  I saved all the email tips they sent me.  They are all pretty much worthless post-Cataclysm.

Finally, I was still playing Star Trek Online.  The head start ended, The game went full-live, I was fiddling with my super special pre-order collector’s edition junk, and I gave out some codes in a caption contest.  There was even some new content.  But by month’s end, STO faded for me.

New Linking Sites

I would like to thank the following site for linking here.

Please take a moment to visit them in return, it is totally worth your time.

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  12. Hulkageddon IV – Tears of Veldspar is Live

Most Common Search Terms of the Month

  1. gamestop celebi
  2. pokemon black and white tour
  3. tagn
  4. blood elf porn
  5. elf porn
  6. white mouse
  7. celebi at gamestop
  8. ancient gaming noob
  9. guild names
  10. thorin oakenshield
  11. hulkageddon 2011
  12. eve character creator

Search Terms of the Month

raspberry dessert for those who dislike raspberries

“everquest 2” “no pants”
[Is that the Destiny of Velious?]

my mum is a noob
[My mum has two level 80s and can kick your mum’s ass!]

Spam Comments of the Month

Greetings! Mitigate the immature wench, I contrariwise play a joke on started to effort recently on the Internet
[Uh, greetings to you to I suppose.]

These condoms are really great, and despite what you might read below, are not that huge. They’re the same length as regular rubbers, and only slightly girthier (is that a word?). Anyway, you can look up the stats on these and see, in millimeters, that the measurements aren’t all that different.
[What makes you think that “not huge” is what I want to hear?]

Where I Spent My Gaming time

Game time distribution as counted by my Raptr profile, which doesn’t count everything… it still doesn’t track Lord of Ultima.

  1. EverQuest – 40%
  2. World of Warcraft – 27%
  3. World of Tanks Beta – 16%
  4. Rift Beta – 12%
  5. EVE Online – 3%
  6. Lord of the Rings Online – 2%

EVE Online

I haven’t been doing much with EVE Online, mostly training and playing the market there.  I have been living on PLEX purchased with my ever diminishing fortune.  That time may now be at an end.  I forgot to buy another PLEX and my account lapsed.  I cannot see spending any money to get back into the game just to keep training going.  So I stopped at somewhere around 67 million skill points.

So that is what I did during Hulkageddon IV.


The surprise game of the month for me.  I had been pretty neutral on the idea of running back to old Norrath.  And then, like the old dope peddler, SOE gave us all a free taste that included the new Fippy Darkpaw progression server.  Right in the vein.  And it was good.  Good enough to sign on for another month at least.  We’ll see how it goes from there, but so far the whole thing is just authentic enough to bring back good memories, while mellowed out enough with updates to the game to remove some of the more heinous parts of the 1999 experience.

Lord of the Rings Online

I enter the lotteries that the community team posts… when I remember.  And winning usually gets me to log in for a bit.  But other than that, I have not done much in Middle-earth.  No closer to Moria.

World of Tanks

This has been the new game of the month.  The beta turned out to be surprisingly good in my opinion.  The whole thing still needs a bigger reason for being beyond 16×16 death matches, but it looks good and is playable in short bursts.

World of Warcraft

I did not get in a lot of play time in Azeroth in February.  The instance group only got together for one night over the course of the month, and EverQuest ended up eating heavily into my discretionary gaming time.  I’ll be back, but for now I am enjoying the old school experience of Norrath.  I’ll have to watch out though, my mom is going to beat me to level 85 if I am not wary.

Coming Up

Pokemon, EverQuest, WoW, and… who knows.

Oh, and GDC is this week.  There is always the possibility of seeing something interesting there.

But I think there will just be a lot more Pokemon and EverQuest posts in March, unless something else big is coming our way next month.

And Then I Was Mistakenly Declared “Influential”

Say Media yesterday opened up their Say 100 page which is, well… I guess I will let them describe it, from the top of their About The Say 100 page:

The SAY 100 is a collection of authentic and knowledgeable online voices that create engaging content, drive conversation and shape opinion. At SAY Media we believe the power to shape opinion is shifting from the faceless editorial voice of mainstream media to individuals, many of whom are taking advantage of simple technology to create their own properties and build their own media brands. And the best way to highlight that change is to show you who we’re talking about.

They went to 10 different experts, each in a different field and had them pick 10 influential voices in those areas.

The Say 100 Home Page

The areas listed and experts picked were:

Of course, I am bringing this up for a (selfish) reason.  This site, and my Wilhelm Arcturus persona, was one of those picked by the luminaries listed above.

And as much as I wish it was for Thought Leadership, or maybe Parenting, it was, of course for the Games category.

My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I first opened up the site and her first words were, “You’re no expert!”

No, but I am old.  I know how escrow works!

And they even grabbed a picture with my biggest mustache ever, appropriately taken at just a couple of years after the dawn of my online gaming career.  Full disclosure with the full picture.

Wilhelm, circa 1988

Geek Cred points of interest: Time-Con T-Shirt (complete with Face on Mars graphic), G-1 US Naval aviator’s jacket (which I still have, though it seems to have shrunk over the years), a name patch from the 1988 Air Warrior convention in Dayton, Ohio where I got to meet, among others, Kelton Flinn and Bill Louden (the big man at GEnie), and a freakin’ real, live baby kangaroo.  Good times.

Anyway, Jeff Katz has apparently been here and read stuff and still wrote these very kind (and charitable) words:

Don’t take the name too seriously, Wilhelm Arcturus is no noob. With 20+ years of experience in online gaming, Wilhelm publishes one of the most thorough MMO websites online. He is the definition of hardcore and has been playing since before the world “massive” could even apply. A fun mix of gaming news and updates on his own online adventures.

Hardcore, for specific definitions of the word I suppose.  The time expended on playing and writing keeps me out of the casual category I guess, but many of my posts should demonstrate how I approach gaming, often blithely ignorant of basic facts and depending on my intrepid readers to point me in the right direction when I am blundering about.  Sort of the Jerry Pournelle/Chaos Manor methodology. (Is anybody here old enough to get that reference?)

Also honored with a place on the list were Keen & Graev (Yay!) who were described thus:

Two brothers and hardcore gamers who mix industry analysis, gaming reviews and their personal exploits to enjoyable effect. Their site offers a really deep experience and covers both consoles and computer gaming with equal skill. These guys are literally all-consuming gamers and it shows. A fun and informative site with a breezy feel. I highly recommend it.

Then there was Jim Rossignol of hella impressive Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Rossignol’s site is PC gaming obsessed and PC gaming only and the staff own it to an almost amusingly militant level. He’s also smart and insightful and knows the space inside and out. While you’re at it check out his book, “This Gaming Life,” a look at the cultural impact and evolution of gaming.

And the much esteemed Tony Rice of Button Mashing was also among the bloggers on the list:

I actually stumbled onto Tony’s site when I was searching for available URL’s in the gaming space and now go back often. They always have clean and concise release schedules for new games, which is a plus in my book these days. A good site for gamers that tend to lean towards XBOX360, which is generally my go-to console. I like the site enough to forgive Tony his Ohio State fandom. ;)

For the sake of posterity, I took a screen grab of the list as it stands now.

The Say 100 Games List

I have to imagine that it will change over time, especially when somebody reads my stuff and realizes how rather introverted it all is. But for now, there I am!

Anyway, a big thank you to Jeff Katz for the recognition and to Michael Sippey of Say Media who is a driving force behind the whole thing.

I encourage you to go take a look at who else is in the other categories.  The site is all hooked up into RSS, Twitter, and Facebook so you can follow your favorites from the list (or whole segments) with relative digital ease.

Anyway, now to get back to work on my own media brand.